Ji ‘nan Lixia District Qianfoshan fire prevention and rescue station: The people’s New Year we keep a good year

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Qianfo Mountain Fire rescue Station, Lixia District, Jinan city, is responsible for the fire safety of the area covering about 17 square kilometers in Lixia District and Shizhong District, starting from shilu Road in the north, tuwu Road in the south, east Qianfo Mountain Road, and Yuhan Road in the west.This is the most prosperous, resident and floating population of jinan area, fire pressure is self-evident.This Spring Festival, a group of 30 of them stayed on duty as usual, writing a “battle hymn” of responsibility and responsibility.”People celebrate the festival, we pass” has been a Spring Festival tradition for fire and rescue workers for years.”This is duty, for the masses to protect the safety of one side, the Spring Festival to stick to the post, we are duty-bound.”Jinan City Lixia District Qianfoshan fire rescue station master Huang Chao said.Huang Chao, 37, has been a firefighter for 18 years. During that time, he has only had four New Year’s eve dinners with his family, although he lives in Jinan.My biggest feeling is that my child grows very fast, from a baby in swaddling clothes to a kindergarten child in a blink of an eye, during which I was not involved enough.Speaking of his family, Huang is full of guilt.Liu Hao, the monitor, some time ago, his father was diagnosed with rectal cancer, he asked for a few days to take care of his father, his father’s condition after surgery a little stable, he returned to the post for the first time, and chose to stick to the Spring Festival.”If I’m off, some of my teammates aren’t. I’ve already taken a couple of days off, and now IT’s my turn.”Liu Hao honest and honest said.During holidays and festivals, the firefighting team will upgrade its combat readiness regularly to ensure that 90% of the units are on duty.This means that 90 percent of fire and rescue workers will have to forgo family reunions and spend the Spring Festival on duty.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning of January 31, the first team on duty had finished the maintenance of combat readiness for the day.Squad leader Liu Hao carefully wiped the clank shining fire patrol car, said: “Combat readiness maintenance every day, this will be the New Year, more clean, this is our fire face ah!”After maintaining their combat readiness, firefighters began mobile patrols of their precinct.Qianfoshan Scenic Area, Yuhan Ginza, CC-Park and other densely populated places, as well as key units along the line, are the key inspection areas for firefighters.Ensure mobile patrols in the morning, afternoon and evening for timely response.On New Year’s Eve, Zhang Longqing, assistant to the stationmaster, while patrolling with his teammates, checking whether the fire facilities of key units along the line are safe and effective, while seriously saying:”In recent years, the ban on setting off fireworks has relieved a lot of pressure on our firefighting work, but people’s safety involves many aspects. We must be highly focused, anticipate in advance and respond quickly to eliminate potential dangers as much as possible.”Patrol each two of term shard, at the same time, Gao Junzheng lead teammates along the east road inspect municipal fire hydrant, above “before no outbreak, we are going for a day and a night of stagnation point above duty, now during outbreaks, New Year’s eve night above are not available, we don’t need a stagnation point on the two years.But three times a day patrol is essential. This morning, an old man who went up to the mountain for exercise suddenly suffered hypoglycemia, which happened to be seen by us, so we memorized him without saying a word.”Gao Jun is the “old man” in the station, the area of every fire facilities, were engraved into his mind, the area in his, than his home are familiar with.Combined with the regular patrol in key places, the station is ready to wear clothes to ensure that in case of danger can be the first time to deal with, to protect the safety of people’s lives and property.Whether it is eating dinner together or watching the Spring Festival gala, every firefighter in the front of the shift wears a combat uniform weighing up to 17 jin, with a walkie-talkie strapped to his chest and ears always paying attention to the alarm bell, fully armed and waiting for the call of duty.On the one hand, the battle string tension, on the other hand, the fire station is also very thick.In their spare time, teammates use the word “fu”, couplets, flowers, balloons…The station layout of jubilant;Organization for everyone to prepare rich ingredients and New Year goods, let everyone get together to eat a thriving New Year’s Eve dinner, a comrade-in-arms reunion……The thick smell of The New Year in the station, to a certain extent, diluted the soldiers’ intense work pressure and missing their families.”It is false to say I have no regrets about not being able to get together with my family during the Spring Festival.But on the other hand, in fact, we have not left home, because we have long regarded the fire brigade as home, every time it is natural to say ‘home’, mostly to say patrol station.””Yu Qingya, a firefighter who was still on duty during the Spring Festival after the birth of her son, said emotionally.”Protect our area, is to protect thousands of families, let thousands of lights show happiness background.We will protect this happiness for the people with determination and preciseness, so that every day is accompanied by peace.”Jinan City Lixia District Qianfoshan fire rescue station instructor Zhao Songshan eyes firmly said.(Article: Xiaogao picture is authorized by Huang Chao)