In guangxi, wang zulan was the first to donate 200,000 yuan due to the shortage of supplies, and several Internet celebrities made donations

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On February 10, baise and other places in Guangxi province were in short supply due to the epidemic, and the government issued a circular to collect donations, which was actively responded by all sectors of society.Hong Kong actor Wang Zulan and his wife Li Yanan immediately donated 200,000 YUAN to Guangxi, becoming the first celebrities in the entertainment industry to respond to the fundraising.Although Zulan wang and his wife are Hong Kong citizens, they have always been full of affection for the mainland. They have settled down in Shanghai and have always been enthusiastic about public welfare. This immediate donation proves that the couple are full of love.Many of the stars’ fans also volunteered to raise money and donate supplies.Fans of Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan and others took action, preparing materials and vehicles to deliver positive energy.Net red de de is also the first time to respond, perhaps because of the recent busy work, she did not have time to prepare supplies, so chose to donate directly.After work, she also did not forget to shoot a short video for Guangxi refueling, but also with petals composed of “Baize refueling” words, but it is very thoughtful.Net red Chen Sanwaste is also super caring, she organized the staff overnight contact materials, are currently the lack of instant noodles and water in Guangxi, ready to personally escort the car sent to the destination.In the video, she can also be seen working late into the night, her face flushed from the cold, looking a little gaunt, but in high spirits, worried about the donation.One party is in trouble, p plus support, this spirit is our Chinese people’s most simple, but also the most sincere feelings.Whether Wang Zulan, or de, Chen Sanwaste these Internet celebrities, they have made a good example for the public, I hope there will be more capable people to join in, together to fight the epidemic efforts!Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete