Domestic BMW X5 price is very sweet?It takes longer to pick up the car

2022-05-28 0 By

The much-anticipated domestic BMW X5 officially went on sale yesterday (March 31). Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.Chinese BMW X5 is actually two points of interest, one is that the price is 94,900 yuan lower than the imported version, the other is 130mm longer wheelbase.In terms of price, BMW’s official suggested retail price range is 605,000 yuan to 775,000 yuan, which is 94,900 yuan lower than the starting price of the imported version.Compared with imported BMW X5, the average domestic transaction price is more than 800,000. Some people think that the price has not fallen in place, and some people think it is very fragrant.In fact, I think it is not a question of value, but with whom to compare.BMW X5, as the highest level of domestic models in the BBA series, is certainly compared with rival Mercedes GLE and Audi Q7 at the same level.Obviously, domestic prices and import prices to PK, the advantage is very obvious.Now look at the wheelbase.Domestic BMW X5 wheelbase and body length are lengthened 130mm, has been close to BMW X7 wheelbase performance, rear row legroom has been significantly improved.In fact, the rear legroom of imported BMW X5 is often teased by the owner: it looks so big, but the legroom is really not much bigger than their little brothers X1 and X3.Therefore, a longer wheelbase is clearly what most potential users want.This makes up for almost the only drawback of the imported X5 — the lack of comfort in the second row.Other aspects are still the original BMW X5, the power still provides 2.0T and 3.0T engines, the interior of BMW’s classic three-spoke steering wheel, BMW exclusive crystal three-piece set (including crystal handle, crystal multimedia knob, crystal one-button start button) have been retained.Finally, a prediction: in the terminal retail market, it is highly likely that domestic BMW X5 will be decorated and delayed in picking up cars.You’re happy to be able to mention the car at its full price.