Will “The World” be the second movie of this year?

2022-05-27 0 By

There are a lot of costume dramas this year, many of which were officially finished last year and will be broadcast one after another without any accidents. After the previous “Ancient puppet Ugly Man”, everyone is looking forward to the next costume dramas.The following drama line-up is very strong, including Yang Zi, Cheng Yi cooperation “Aloes such as Dust”, Chen Xiao cooperation Liu Yifei “Menghualu”, Xiao Zhan cooperation Ren Min “Jade Bone Yao”, these line-up is very strong.Among them by Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi co-starring “Mirror Two Cities” opened year lead broadcast, and from the recent news, Yang Yang and Zhao Lu si cooperation “and test the world” will also become the opening year of the second ancient costume idol drama.It was the first time for Chen Yuqi and Li Yifeng to work together, and it was also a remake of the novel. Since the premiere, the drama has been very popular.However, after the official broadcast of the work, the voice of ridicule seems to be more, the plot seems to be baffling, the actors and actresses acting is also a big problem, and these problems are also polarized.It was made into an animated film before it was made into a TV series, which is now considered less effective than an animated film.For now, the film’s reputation is hopeless. Although the studio adjusted the filters in response to the audience’s suggestions, the acting and the story could not be saved.Therefore, we also put expectations on other works, recently it was reported that Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi’s “And try the world” has obtained the network online record number, such progress also means that the work will soon be able to meet with you.Yang Yang has challenged many roles since her debut. Last year, she won the role of Yu Tu, and after the plot of “Try the World” was revealed, she let everyone feel very amazing.Yang Yang’s appearance level is acknowledged to be high, and he is also able to control a variety of roles and modeling, the last time Yang Yang starred in the costume drama “Wu Wu Qian Kun” effect is not very ideal, and everyone also comments Yang Yang’s performance traces are obvious, and the expression may be exaggerated.In the last two years, Yang Yang has been in transition and has made more efforts in acting. Before, Yang Yang was very natural when he played tu, and his progress was visible to the naked eye.This time “and try the world” also let everyone look forward to, after all, Yang Yang only with costume modeling is enough to attract everyone’s requirements.This time Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si is the first cooperation, the two of the CP sense is still very strong, Zhao Lu si after the debut of resources has been very good, and she through her own unique way of performing out of their own style, but also circle a lot of fans.Every time the male artists who cooperate with Zhao Lu Si are also successful, so this time Yang Yang and Zhao Lu si’s cooperation can be said to be strong.The good news is getting more and more, and the first trailer for the show has been released, and it looks like the show is really worth waiting for.With that in mind, “Try the World” has a good chance of becoming the second period idol drama to debut this year.And in the trailer, the two leading actors’ modeling is very changeable, and each set is very amazing, I hope this drama can meet with everyone soon, looking forward to the cooperation of Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si!