How to choose a home projector?These are very important points

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HT2500_ HUI investment flagship store HUI investment HT2500- Hui investment flagship store projector is to make up for the existence of 996 rental party without TV, work a day back to the rental house, but lonely, a portable projector is the best way to block loneliness.Compared with TV sets, projectors bring people immersive movie-watching experience. How big the wall is, how big the screen is, and you can also experience the happiness of the cinema at home.When choosing a projector, pay attention to the following points: 1. Lumens: The higher the ANSI lumens, the better the picture effect, and the lumens above 1000 can basically support direct casting during the day. It is recommended to choose the lumens above 2000 for the higher resolution of direct casting during the day.Office commercial advice to choose more than 3000 better sense of use.2, resolution: if the budget is sufficient to require hd painting texture of the first choice is more than 1080P standard resolution, 720P standard resolution of the picture quality is more general, suitable for the budget is not high space small requirements of the general crowd.3, chip: the correlation between the display chip and picture quality is quite large.The larger the size of the chip, the larger the standard resolution, the picture quality is more clear, common DMD chip size is 0.23DMD(native 480P resolution), 0.33DMD(native 720P resolution), 0.47DMD(native 1080P resolution).4, intelligent degree: now the intelligent projector is to do everything to make people move, the machine itself, the key is these functions: automatic focus, automatic trapezoid correction, side cast 3D, these functions are more practical, can choose according to their own use habits.Super short focus, huge screen cinema to watch at home, HUitou 4K laser projection TV HT2500!The combination of advanced plexiglass and color technology, metal material and mesh texture, and home integration, with you enjoy a better life!Large screen, HD shock!120 inches large drop, a wider field of vision, more cool to watch.Ultra high brightness, can also cope with the daytime, 360NIT full screen uniform brightness, 25000+ light source life, during the day without curtains, can also freeze each silk colorful.4K+HDR HD quality, 8.3 million pixel point compensation, enjoy with your family, every frame is art.Red and blue dual-color laser, DCI-P3 standard, increase the red laser light source, effectively improve the blue excitation, insufficient light gambit, for you to provide more gorgeous color effect.Huitou Dolby Panoramic sound and DPS double decoding, surround the sound field, fully wake up the hearing!Intelligent eye protection, effectively protect the elderly and children equipped with anti-eye sensor and human body sensor, effectively avoid the elderly and children unconsciously look into the lens, damage to vision!3G+32G large memory, high speed and smooth operation, help you imagine the journey of sound and painting.Rich high-end interface configuration hard disk player, game console, U disk, TV box, speakers can accept everything.4.2 Bluetooth module, free from wired shackles, supports Bluetooth speakers, earphones, bluetooth keys and mice, free from wired shackles.HT2500_ Huitou Flagship Store Huitou HT2500- Huitou flagship store