Han Shan police Station: keep safe and open

2022-05-27 0 By

The Spring Festival of 2022 coincides with the Winter Olympic Games. The police of Hanshan Police Station are always on duty to protect the safety of the party, effectively escort the stability of social security in the area, create a peaceful and harmonious festival environment, and create a safety net for the people.Patrol all hampshire hill station based on “two teams one room” policing model reasonable arrangement deployment, organization in key areas to carry out the normal duty police patrol, by strengthening the key parts of the scouts, highlight the deterrent effect, in order to timely and effective disposal of emergencies, dispute mediation work in the patrolling duty at the same time, do see police, night lights during the day,Effectively curb the occurrence of all kinds of illegal crimes, consolidate and enhance the sense of security of the people and the satisfaction of the public security organs.Service the masses don’t lack of hampshire police station will be up and down mountains, always adhere to the aim of serving the people heart and soul, adhere to the enthusiasm to serve people, during the Spring Festival “is not the absence of” strive to serve the masses, maximize the convenient masses, since the Spring Festival, the police for the masses to solve hard with love attentively “distress sorrow hope things” more than 20 pieces, deepening between the sex.Telephone fraud dissuasion emergency stop loss Han Shan police station to give up the Spring Festival holiday, continue to carry out in-depth anti-fraud propaganda work, think of the masses, urgent people urgent, help the masses timely stop loss, give full play to the national anti-fraud center APP early warning function, the first time early warning, the first time to dissuade, the first time stop payment.Police tirelessly, continuous operations, through telephone, wechat video, meet and other ways to carry out telecom network fraud dissuasion work, up to now, a total of more than 180 people successfully dissuade the masses to transfer money, and help them download and install the registration of the “National anti-fraud center “APP, efforts to recover economic losses for the masses.Dispute mediation harmony khan hill station always pay attention to the little contradictions and disputes, view and accumulation of peace, grasps “the Spring Festival I on-the-job” work attitude, continuous deepening contradiction dispute help solve routine work, reflect the reasonable demands of the crowd and practical difficulties resolved, resolving that affect the harmony and stability of outstanding disputes in a timely manner.Check out all kinds of problems, try our best to resolve the problem in place, try our best to resolve the conflicts and disputes at the grass-roots level, and eliminate the hidden dangers of public security in the bud. Up to now, han Shan police station has investigated and resolved 30 conflicts and disputes.According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, The Hanshan Police Station, under the unified dispatch of the comprehensive command room, actively responded to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. During the Spring Festival, two civilian auxiliary police officers were on duty 24 hours a day at the centralized quarantine point.Police officers on duty have worked hard day and night to fulfill their duties, strictly implementing the quarantine personnel registration, temperature measurement and disinfection of duty vehicles and equipment, and ensuring safe and orderly work at quarantine points.(Zha Qi Rong Media Centre)