Ballroom Dancer Interview (1)

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Dancing girl, for those who do not know the ballroom situation, this is a mysterious and curious occupation.For the veteran dancer who walks in ballroom all the year round, the feeling of dancing girl is familiar and strange.The so-called familiar, is often met in the ballroom;The so-called strange, it is difficult to walk into the dancer’s inner world, the dancer will not easily reveal the true feelings to the dancer.This paper and future articles will sort out and record the interviews of ballroom dancers, and try to restore the dancers’ true inner feelings and thoughts to the maximum extent.First, the post-1995 dancers have a high degree of alertness, which leads to twists and turns in the interview process.Dancer Xiaomin (pseudonym) is 27 years old this year. Her hometown comes from a rural area in another province. She has been working in suzhou dance hall for three years.Under the introduction of Lao Wang, a familiar dancer, and sister S, the owner of a ballroom, Xiaomin is willing to accept an interview, agreeing to tell her personal experience and uncover the mysterious veil of dancing girl’s profession.But after repeatedly reading the author’s previous articles about dance halls, Min decided that the author was “harmless”, would not reveal true information about her, and would not produce “reality comparison” results, and finally agreed to meet a week later.Just as many people are curious about the dancer, Min is also curious about the author.She put forward the soul torture to the author: “Is xiao Wen, the clue character in the series of articles of Dalian ballroom the author himself?””Is Lao Yang, a dancer with pension, the prototype of Lao Yu, a dancer who often dances in a ballroom in Gusu District?”The author explained her question: In previous articles about the ballroom, no matter the dancers or dancers, basically refer to real people and real events.Only the article will use a pseudonym, will not appear in reality the name of the ballroom and the specific real information of the dancers and dancers.Writing articles, you can do the necessary literary rendering, but the premise is to draw from life.After all, “master in the folk”, there are senior dancers in the readers, crouching tiger hidden dragon is not easy to show.If it’s not based on real people and events, they’ll think it’s just pediatrics and lose interest in reading.”You can write ballroom stories. You are a man of stories yourself. Don’t ask me, you know more about ballroom dancers than I do.”The young dancers born in 1995 have personalities, or there is a generation gap with the writers born in 1980s, unlike the dancers born in 1970s and 1980s interviewed before.Is it difficult for dancer Xiaomin to suspect that the author is her predecessor and peers?The author, who is eloquent, would not feel embarrassed by Min s interrogation.You can look at my other subjects, hengdian group performance, Zhengzhou dance, sanhe god and so on, not just dance hall.And have you ever seen one of your peers writing articles instead of counting money?”Here, the corners of min’s mouth revealed a smile, eyes also become bright.This can reflect her further disarming of the author, in fact, for her sensitivity and alertness, including the author of many people can understand.After all, although she was a dancer, she did not want to reveal her real job to friends and family. She might have disguised another job as a waiter in a restaurant or a shopping guide in a shopping mall.”What’s the point of writing about dance halls?”This is the dancer xiaomin’s curiosity rather than vigilance.”The diversity of society, life is diverse.This is no different from writing hengdian group performance, Sanhe God, compared with other themes, ballroom theme is cold and minority. “Second, why xiaomin from bars to dance halls, the classic old song” Tears of dancing girls “for young dancers, is it out of date?After graduating from secondary school, xiao Min the earliest night bar, she admitted that not what life and hardship, is to make money.After all, the colorful and luxurious life of the big city had great attraction and attraction for her, a young girl who came from a remote village.She does not like the tedious work of entering the factory to beat screws, and other professional skills do not, so she can only take the so-called shortcut.I mean, you can make money hanging out in bars, but too much drinking and too many late nights, it’s bad for your health.Although the dance hall seems to make money only “twenty or thirty fen”, but every little makes a mickle, every day can have more than one thousand income is still very considerable.When I used to mix bars, I couldn’t guarantee that I could complete the tasks of booking tables and marketing drinks every day.You don’t have to stay up late, you don’t have to drink.Besides, now the ballroom is different from before, the lights are brighter than before, and there are surveillance networks, so consciously abide by the relevant regulations is the premise.The post-95 dancers have different ideas from the post-70s and post-80s dancers. Many people choose to be dancers instead of being forced by life and having too much helpline. Their thinking is more active and their ideas are more avant-garde, so the tears of dancing girls do not exist for young dancers.To be continued.