All the way, a bridge, an ancient town’s strong support, the gold north shore of the house can fire this year?

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Since the beginning of 2022, various policies have been adopted to promote the development of the property market, among which the mortgage interest rate and down payment ratio are the most prominent ones.Banks in Heze, Shandong province, Chongqing and Ganzhou, Jiangxi province have lowered the down payment ratio to 20 percent for some eligible buyers.In addition, more than 20 cities across the country have increased housing provident fund loans and reduced the down payment ratio for second homes.One of them is Beihai, the first city in China to reduce the down payment ratio this year.However, in the first month of the New Year, the real estate market in Beihai is not very clear. According to the changes in the sales prices of 70 large and medium-sized cities, the price index of new houses and second-hand houses in Beihai continues to fall, with the new house price index falling 0.2% month-on-month and the second-hand house price falling 1.2% month-on-month.The real estate market in Beihai is in a slump, especially the first-line seascape buildings. After all, the first-line seascape houses in Beihai are mostly buyers and investors from other places.And review beihai city a sea view room these years of change course, there is a downturn, there is hot.Last year, it was silver Beach East, and before 2019, it was Silver Beach West. This year, Lianzhou Bay New Town seems to have a new trend.Never fire up only the north shore of the first line of the sea view.Looking at the whole beihai city of the front-line seascape housing, the north shore of the seascape housing to see the sea effect is the best, closest to the sea (some buildings less than 100 meters from the sea), and the north shore of the house design style is the most coastal characteristics, there is no lack of beihai landmark buildings.But the north shore of the house has been, we found, has been tepid, even as dare to rise lian Zhou Wan Xincheng.In January this year, beihai city net signed the top 10 real estate, Lianzhou Bay New City and CLP Bay International and Haiying Long Beach two seascape real estate list.Since beihai Real estate Trading Center launched the monthly List of top 10 real estate sites in Beihai, the whole North Sea, in addition to the North shore area, other areas have real estate sites on the list.The north shore, located in the old city of Beihai city, has all kinds of perfect supporting facilities that other first-line seascape real estate in Beihai city cannot reach, including hospitals, supermarkets, parks, markets, high-end hotels and so on.Supporting so good, look at the sea effect and excellent north shore house, why not fire?Or there are many reasons, such as the north shore beach seascape beach as silver beach;The real estate of the north shore, the name of the developer is not big enough, the lack of national well-known housing enterprises, to the north Sea, the majority of local housing enterprises and other factors.However, tepid north shore property market, from last year, ushered in a series of major good news.With the construction of Lianzhou Bay Avenue, Gaode ancient Town, gold north shore sea trestle and the implementation of the north shore night scene, the popularity of the north shore is more and more fire, first Lianzhou Bay Avenue opened to traffic fire, then Gaode ancient Town and gold north shore sea trestle, have brought a wave of popularity.Gaode Ancient Town will be more beautiful this year, and the trestle bridge will be officially completed and opened.A new golden north shore is presented to everyone. Beihai city has silver beach in the south and north coast in the north. The tourism pattern is gradually forming.In this series of good supporting support, this year’s north shore sentiment will be more fire, DO not know whether the property market can also follow the fire up?