Us aircraft crash, submarine collision become ‘accident maker’ in South China Sea

2022-05-26 0 By

Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, deputy director of the Information Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense and spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense, answers questions at a regular press conference on February 24, 2017.Question: It is reported that the US Navy recently admitted that the video circulating in the media of the US F-35C fighter jet crashing into the sea in late January is real.Meanwhile, a PENTAGON spokesman confirmed that the US Navy is making “every effort” to salvage the F-35C in relevant waters of the South China Sea.What is the spokesperson’s comment?Dr. Tekfel: We have noted relevant reports.Freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea has never been an issue.For a long time, in the name of “freedom of navigation and overflight”, the US has frequently sent military vessels and planes to engage in provocative acts of infringement and show off force in the South China Sea, which has exacerbated regional tensions.”Show muscle” show too much, will inevitably muscle strain.As we all know, since last year, the US military has rammed submarines and lost aircraft in the South China Sea.Several years ago, Chinese warships and aircraft also had several collisions in different waters, causing serious casualties.All these incidents show that the US, instead of upholding freedom of navigation and overflight, has become a troublemaker and accident maker.We believe that the South China Sea should be a sea of peace, friendship and cooperation, rather than the “wild West” where certain countries are prone to belligerence and aggression.The US side should immediately stop the large-scale and high-frequency military activities it has been conducting for a long time.Otherwise, regional countries will not only undermine their efforts to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, but also jeopardize their own integrity and personnel safety.