The last station of the northern section of Line 5 is about to be capped!Open before the end of the year!

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Latest news of the northern section of line 5 finishing the last site subject to cap 26 range this year at the latest at the end of April to complete civil engineering lay solid foundation for the operation before the end of the depth of the station at the north part of normal residential floor 13 line 5 in luyang north ring and Montreal road jiaokou south station “” north loop, construction process,In order to minimize the impact of the line construction on the lives of surrounding residents, the station location was readjust from the original design of two underground floors to four floors.The deepest depth of the foundation pit is 34.8 meters, equivalent to about 13 floors of an ordinary residential building, making the station the deepest of all current hefei lines (including those under construction).By the end of April, the main structure of all stations will be capped. The main line of Line 5 is 40.2 km long, all underground, with 33 stations, including 11 transfer stations.There are 13 stations and 26 sections in the northern section of the construction progress. Except for the North First ring Road station, the other 12 stations have completed the main project capping, and 21 of the 26 sections have been connected.According to the construction schedule, the north first ring Road station will be capped in April.By then, the 13 stations of the northern section of Line 5 will have completed the top of the main structure;The civil works of the main structure of the station in the northern section will be completed by the end of April at the latest.At present, the total length of the main track of the northern section of Line 5 is 34.011 km, and 15.383 km, accounting for 45%, has been completed.Mechanical and electrical installation and decoration projects have also completed 27% of the contract.Source: Hefei Railway Corporation