Shanghai media: Li Xiaopeng believes that the old team failed to achieve results. The only change is the attitude of the coach

2022-05-26 0 By

Beijing Time on January 28, the news, 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian 12 round B group 7 round, China’s men’s football team lost 2-0 to Japan, this is also the debut of the new coach Li Xiaopeng.In the first half, China national Football Team shot, corner kick were 0, Wang Shenchao blocked the point, Dayu Yong also shot;Junya ITO scored in the second half as China lost 2-0 to Japan.After 7 rounds, national football team 5 points out of the line increasingly slim.Shanghai morning Post commented that li xiaopeng’s trust in his former team was not effective in this match, and the only change was the coach’s attitude after the match compared to the 1-0 loss to Japan under Li Tie’s coaching.Li Xiaopeng discharged from the starting lineup, he still more trust their old department.Hao Junmin, 35, and Zheng Zheng, 33, were both given the chance to start, pairing up on the left wing, With Hao playing at left midfield and Zheng at left back.To this end, wang Shanchao, who had been playing left back in the last 12 matches, moved to the midfield and teamed up with Xu Xin to form a double midfield.However, Hao and Zheng did not play the desired role.In the first half, He touched the ball 11 times and seven times successfully, but made only zero key passes.Zheng zheng in the left side of the defensive area, has become the focus of the Japanese team breakthrough area.In the second half, Hao Junmin and Zheng Zheng were replaced.Compared to the 1-0 loss to Japan in the first game, there was no change in the appearance of China’s second game against Japan. China remained a passive defensive side, did not have a shot in the first half, and even had few chances to attack the opponent’s half.Throughout the game, Japan’s ball control rate as high as 64 percent, China only 36 percent.The shooting ratio between the two teams was 17:2, with Japan having six shots on target while China had none.In the end, China lost 2-0 to the home team of Japan.Shanghai media concluded that the two games are similar one-sided process, the same result of losing.Although the head coach of The National football team changed from Li Tie to Li Xiaopeng, the result and process of the national football team’s loss did not change.The only difference between the two managers is their attitude.Different from Li Tie, Li Xiaopeng took the responsibility for the loss of the team after the game. “I take full responsibility for the loss of the game. I’m very sorry.All the players gave their best effort today and the timing of the two goals made a big difference to the tempo of the game.