Security guard/Police Brigade seized a minibus that used to be on the road illegally notified by the Xiaoshan Police Bureau

2022-05-26 0 By

Recently, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security notified my district that some vans that have not been inspected within the time limit are still driving on the road, causing potential traffic safety hazards.After receiving the notice, the Xiaoshan Brigade, the traffic management detachment of The Sanmenxia Municipal Public Security Bureau, attached great importance to it, made an analysis and judgment, and carefully organized the police to set up roadstops at the crossing of Daling Road xiaoshan Road, Liufeng Road Xiaoshan Road and Shangyang Road Xiaoshan Road for intercepting and checking.In order to prevent accidents and ensure smooth roads, during the Spring Festival, the brigade on duty police to strengthen patrols, while the ministry of Traffic bureau notified vehicles for further investigation.On New Year’s Eve, auxiliary police led by Police officer Yang Zhenjiang of No. 4 Company found a Yu MCH238 minibus parked 50 meters north of the crossing of Daling Road xiaoshan Road, which seriously affected the passage of vehicles on Daling Road. After verification, the minibus was one of the minibuses notified by the Ministry and bureau that the inspection had not been carried out until June 30, 2020.Unable to contact the owner, police towed the car to a parking lot.Subsequently, the owner was contacted by multiple parties and told to accept further treatment in the brigade and restore the normal state of the vehicle for inspection in a timely manner, and eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner.Source: Xiaoshan Brigade