“Network Chinese Festival, Spring Festival” Pingtang: Singing and dancing to celebrate the New Year happy Chinese New Year

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Taurus goes with winter, tiger sends spring.People sing and dance to celebrate the 2022 Spring Festival in Pingtang County on Feb. 2, adding a joyous and peaceful atmosphere to the Year of the Tiger.Live performances, “Without the Communist Party, there would be no New China”, “My Motherland and I”, “Red Days” and other wonderful programs appeared in succession, quickly brought the audience into the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival.Performer Yang Shaolan said: “We are all very happy this New Year, we are here to perform, to bring joy to everyone, we are also very happy to dance, I wish everyone a happy New Year, good health!”The activity scene to celebrate the New Year laughter.The performances are varied in form, content and style.Chorus, sketches, calligraphy and painting, dancing and other programs are staged in turn, fully showing the lively, peaceful, festive and civilized atmosphere of the festival.Let the audience feel the hot passion in the cold season, but also fully demonstrated the people of Pingtang county live a harmonious, happy happy mood.Yu Guobing, a member of the crowd at the event, said: “The weather is cold this year, but the elderly friends’ enthusiastic performance is very wonderful, we are also happy to see.””I haven’t been home for more than a year,” mo qunlin said while recording the wonderful moment with his mobile phone. “I am very happy to see pingtang County’s folk songs and dances here today. I recorded a lot of shots with my mobile phone and am going to take it home for my family.”The live performers expressed their best wishes for the New Year with graceful dancing and loud singing, showing the spiritual outlook of the elderly in the new era and reflecting their warm and happy life.”Today we are very excited, it is the second day of the Chinese New Year, we are here singing and dancing, I wish you a happy New Year and all the best!”Performer Zheng Guoping sends New Year wishes to everyone.It is understood that the artistic performance from pingtang County University for the aged, Pingtang elderly painting and calligraphy research Association and other six artistic teams participated in the performance.Source: Pingtang County Rong Media Center official weibo official website You are watching, just poke here