Hexi large “room number” fraud case was detected, involving 17 million yuan

2022-05-26 0 By

Some criminals seize the psychology of home buyers, through the release of a room number, to buy internal housing and other false information fraud…Recently, the Nanjing Jianye Police found a hidden secret under the “dispute” in the police disposal of a dispute between a real estate agent and a house buyer, and followed the lead and uncovered a huge fraud case of “house number”, involving a total amount of 17 million yuan.Modern Express reporters learned that in March this year, the public Mr. Wu through others, know real estate agents Zhuang, Zhuang said that spend 2.8 million room number fee can buy high-end real estate in Hexi new house, so Mr. Wu transferred the money to Zhuang.Soon after, Zhuang came the news that the room number for Mr. Wu operation was checked by the housing authority, temporarily unable to handle, Mr. Wu paid 2.8 million yuan has been cash handed over to the developer, the developer can wait for notice to get the money back.Mr Wu some doubt, in order to express their “sincerity”, Zhuang mou claims to be willing to write ious and guarantee Mr Wu.However, half a month passed, zhuang mou promised the money has not been seen, Mr Wu chose to call the police in anger.Police in the in-depth understanding of this dispute, found clues.In Mr Wu and Zhuang mou signed the purchase agreement, zhuang mou agreed to ensure that Mr Wu can buy a high-end real estate in Hexi just opened the specific housing.When the police telephone the developer of the property, the other side clearly informed the police, the house has been sold and is the housing authority for the relevant procedures, there is no check.As the police prepared for further investigation, nanjing police have received a number of citizens reported that they had signed a similar agreement with Zhuang mou room number, and have not been able to get the room.The police immediately contacted Zhuang, asked whether the room number it said is true.However, Zhuang tried to evade the police investigation by making excuses and deleting chat records, canceling his mobile wechat and emptying his mobile APP.Police through the investigation visit, respectively to the victim, other real estate agents launched an investigation, soon fixed zhuang mou criminal evidence.Zhuang mou account, he used the identity of real estate agents, to hexi each big high-end real estate sales send information, said he knew a developer manager, hands have room number can be sold, and promised to those sales staff signed a successful contract, can pay 20 to 300 thousand yuan of fees.Under the temptation of large returns, property sales Li and others have introduced a number of customers to Zhuang, as of the case, there are 9 customers have not taken back the paid “intention gold”, the loss of a total of more than 14 million.Zhuang mou defrauded a large amount of money, in addition to part of the intention to pay liquidated damages and has terminated the customer gold and deposit, other funds are zhuang mou used for daily personal high consumption and online gambling.Zhuang mou deleted mobile phone APP, there are many involved in online gambling.At present, suspect Zhuang mou is suspected of fraud, has been arrested according to law.In the case, the suspect Zhuang mou used the masses to buy hot plate demand, as well as real estate agents to seek profits of the psychology, fictional facts, causing a number of people suffer large economic losses.The police reminds broad citizen, must sign legitimate purchase contract from formal channel when buying a house, in case fall into swindled trap.