Has the situation changed?On the second day of Putin’s attendance at the Winter Olympic Games, the Foreign Ministry announced important news concerning China and Russia

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In recent years, the United States and some other Western countries have frequently made various petty moves to provoke division and confrontation, threatening the stability of the international order. However, after the official opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, everything has changed, and “unity” has become the mainstream voice in the field of public opinion.United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres praised the opening ceremony of Beijing’s 24th Winter Olympic Games, which was held in the National Stadium of China on Feb 4.According to Xinhua News Agency and other media, Guterres, who is in China for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, congratulated China on the successful opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games when holding talks with Chinese leaders on The afternoon of May 5.It is remarkable that China managed to organize such a large and safe Winter Olympics.At present, the world needs a successful Winter Olympics to send a clear message to the world that people of any country, ethnic group and religion can transcend differences and achieve unity and cooperation.Guterres stressed that the world cannot afford division and confrontation, and only by upholding multilateralism and solidarity and cooperation can it effectively cope with various risks and challenges.He also thanked China for its firm support for the United Nations and multilateralism.It is worth mentioning, besides guterres, dominated the recent high-profile Ukraine border situation to the Russian President vladimir putin also attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics held on February 4, he was in Beijing on 4 day held a meeting with the leaders of China, and the day after the talks ended, the Chinese foreign ministry official announced several important messages, is a matter of China and Russia,It is also about the international situation.Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng gave an interview on the results of the china-Russia leaders’ talks held on February 4, according to the official website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry on February 5.Le yucheng said that during the talks, Chinese and Russian leaders had an in-depth and thorough exchange of views on China-Russia relations and a series of major issues concerning global development and stability.The two sides issued the Joint Statement on International Relations and Global Sustainable Development in the New Era, which focuses on the common positions of China and Russia on democracy, development, security and order. It will have an important and far-reaching impact on improving the global governance system under the new circumstances.The statement became the most important political outcome of the meeting.Le Yucheng stressed that Chinese and Russian leaders agreed to continue to practice true multilateralism and take practical actions to implement global development initiatives.