What about rising oil prices?Teach you how to save gas

2022-05-25 0 By

Now that gasoline prices are rising, it’s becoming more and more expensive for us to drive, which directly affects our own interests.So since the oil price problem we can not change, it should start from their own driving habits, good fuel saving habits may be able to save you a lot of money, the following to teach you a few fuel saving tips, novice drivers quickly learn.1, smooth start and smooth brake believe that many owners are in order to catch the time, such as the traffic lights or other circumstances choose violent driving, a foot on the accelerator to the end.In fact, this will not only wear on the car engine, but also increase fuel consumption.At high revs, a lot of gasoline is consumed in the cylinder, so don’t drive too aggressively if you want to save fuel.In addition, sudden braking will also increase fuel consumption, so a smooth start and braking are the key to fuel economy.2, keep the right speed driving generally at about 60 kilometers per hour is the speed of car fuel economy, too slow and too fast, fuel consumption will increase.3, appropriate use of Windows and air conditioning in the hot summer use of air conditioning is inevitable, in fact, after getting on the car quickly to dissipate the heat in the car is not open large air conditioning, but open the window and skylight heat dissipation.In addition, the proper use of air conditioning will undoubtedly achieve the effect of fuel saving.But it is worth mentioning that do not think that opening the window to turn off air conditioning is necessarily fuel economy.When the speed reaches 90km/h or above, opening the window will only increase the wind resistance, which is not conducive to fuel saving. At this time, air conditioning may be more energy saving.4, to ensure the normal tire pressure is very key, which is often easy to ignore the point tire pressure is too high or too low will increase fuel consumption, regular check tire pressure can not only ensure the safety of driving can also achieve the purpose of fuel economy.5, reduce the load in the car many owners placed all kinds of unnecessary things in the car, in fact, this is to increase the driving burden is also a major factor affecting its fuel consumption, reducing the load is the key factor to reduce fuel consumption.In short, saving fuel consumption lies in gentle car and reduce driving resistance.In fact, a lot of times to develop good driving habits can save a lot of fuel, but if you want to save more fuel, it is recommended to buy new energy vehicles.This can not only green travel to save fuel consumption, but also contribute to the cause of national environmental protection.