The classic “The Happy Life of Zhou Xiaoyun” has been updated in dreams

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As expected, Zhou Xiaoyun’s proposal met with unanimous opposition from her parents.”What did you say?”Zhou Fu some can’t believe, can’t think of always quiet inside collect don’t say what words the eldest daughter should say to go to school.In his opinion, although Zhou Xiaoyun is tall and tall, she is still a six-year-old child in the final analysis.Dabao is nine years old in the first grade, and he doesn’t know how to study.Zhou Xiaoyun said again smoothly, “School will start in more than a month. I want to go to school.”Zhou Fu thinks zhou Xiaoyun is different today. He sits at a big table and speaks like a small adult.Can not help but some “my family has a girl first grow up” of joy and pride, however, this mood did not affect his decision: “you are only six years old, what do you know about reading ah?At home with baby and 2 ya, nothing can help your mother put ducks, who children are not eight or nine years old to go to school.”There is one thing left unsaid, tuition can also be a big burden.At that time, his tuition fee was about ten yuan a semester, which was not much, not much. He killed a pig for only three or four yuan, and the eggs gathered at home for a week were sold for more than two yuan.Zhao Yuzhen also echo: “yes, wait for two years of, big ya.”Zhao’s concerns are similar to zhou’s, and the traditional preference for sons in the countryside has also kept her from paying attention to her daughter’s education.In her opinion, her daughter will do housework and be diligent and take care of her younger brother and sister. When she grows up, she can do some hand knitting and read more or less.In those days, school was a more sophisticated place for children to play, and parents and even school teachers didn’t take school very seriously.Zhou Xiaoyun was not surprised to hear such words, because she had grown up hearing them.”Don’t repeat what can a” home “don’t do homework took sister go out to play,” “home to wheat don’t go to school tomorrow,” and the like, and it is this environment education this attitude, make the mind more clever have been mediocre zhou xiao-yun, junior high school graduation is over school career early into the society.If it is not early into the factory to work, how can she early love marriage to give birth to a daughter?Zhou Xiaoyun attributed his failure in life to the fact that one wrong step in his childhood led to all wrong steps later.Now she was going to put her life on a great path.”Dad, I want to go to school very much, I stay at home every day ducks, early learned to count.Look: one, two, three…”Zhou Xiaoyun has counted to 23.”Good ah,” zhou Fu two eyes shine, six years old children can understand what, incredibly can count.Dabao’s number is not as smooth as her, “my Zhou Guoqiang’s daughter is smart, really like me when I was young.”Boast up, recall their childhood is also a smart child!In Zhou Xiaoyun’s family, zhao Yuzhen was responsible for all the minor matters, but zhou Fu had the final say on the key “big things”. Zhou Xiaoyun naturally knew who to work on.(warm prompt: the full novel can click on the below card reading) zhou xiao-yun again recite two tang poetry, is the famous “goose goose goose” and “one to two of the three mile”, happy week father from ear to ear, straight quart daughter smart, don’t let her daughter go to school the idea of shake up, thought the child looks smart and want to go to school, just let her go to get.Zhao Yuzhen felt very strange, Zhou Xiaoyun walked around in front of her all day and never saw her recite poems: “Big ya, when did you learn poems? How come I never saw you learn poems?”Zhou Xiaoyun had already thought of the explanation: “When my brother recited it at home, I learned it after listening to it twice.”The big treasure that is called does not know the matter that younger sister wants to go to school again pull to own head, a face is at a loss.I was thinking of when I had memorized these two poems at home, as if, as if, I could not recite them now: “I cannot…!”Zhou Xiaoyun quickly looked at him with a lot of meaning in her eyes.At this time dabao’s brain also bright, feel can’t tear down sister’s stage, otherwise their later can’t want to play so happy.It was not a good idea to go everywhere with three followers. He could not bear to let the ducks go for two hours.As for how Dabao thought of this, I owe it to zhou Xiaoyun’s “warning” eyes.Dabao at this time did not quite understand what is called warning and threat, but his intuition let him choose to help his sister out: “maybe I used to carry at home by Da Ya heard.”God knows when he memorized it.Zhou Fu stroked his chin and considered for a moment, then hesitantly said, “But…””Dad, I promise to come home from school every day to help Mom take Baby and Arya with the ducks when I’m free, on Saturdays and Sundays.You let me go to the first grade!”Zhou Xiaoyun raised his right hand and swore like a boy scout, unaware that his six-year-old self made such an action is very ridiculous.Zhao Yuzhen burst out a laugh, “this dead wench, come to learn, a set of, his father, or as the child’s meaning!”In the end is the mother’s soft heart, think big ya has always been honest don’t say what words, home big treasure naughty naughty little treasure weak difficult to take 2 ya and small need to take care of, only big ya is the most worry never bother what god.Relative to her attention is also the least, now think of Zhao Yuzhen’s heart and a little guilty.I can’t help it. There are so many kids.She had to do all the housework and chores for the pigs in the chicken and duck pens in the yard of more than ten mu of land at home. Sometimes, Zhou Fu went to kill pigs for the pigs in the four villages and eight villages, so he was too busy to care about his family.Zhao Yuzhen is busy from morning to night every day, which has so much free time on the children.After hearing Zhao Yuzhen’s words, Zhou Xiaoyun was overjoyed and threw himself on Zhao Yuzhen, “Mom, you are so nice, you are the best mother in the world!”Unable to understand what her sister was saying, Arya said, “Good mother, good mother.”This, Zhou Fu also laughed, malicious and cruel agreed, thinking that there is more than a month to start school, their own running and killing pigs is not achievement to sell a little food at home, always can make dabao and big ya tuition.Zhou Xiaoyun was smiling from ear to ear, laughing and Shouting with Dabao.For a while, zhou’s hut spread deafening laughter.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!