The beef cattle industry makes herders rich

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In Xilinhot city, a head of Angus calves are merrily “moo” at the sumu Wuligi Deliger Gacha beef cattle breeding base. The calves are born one after another, “adding to the building” of gacha beef cattle breeding base, and “giving birth” to the new hope of rural revitalization., 2018 horsepower JiDeLi gehl GaZha beef cattle breeding base construction of project startup, relying on “GaZha collective production base + professional cooperatives + + MuHu” mode of operation, adopt cooperatives take the lead, stock management and operation mode of cooperation, integration of existing pasture, cattle and sheep, and capital resources, establish MuHu, market benefit coupling mechanism, bring into play the function of cooperative ties, mediation,To build an industrial chain with beef cattle breeding as the main body, integrating rotation grazing, high-yield feed base cultivation, beef cattle breeding, fusing and marketing, and manure and sewage processing of organic fertilizers, and expand gacha collective economy.At present, the beef cattle breeding base has built a high standard meat cattle breeding base of 234 mu, 2500 cubic meters of storage cellar, 2000 square meters of straw storage shed.Equipped with 1 TMR feeding equipment, 2 loaders, 1 set of cattle disposal center equipment, breeding 220 Angus cattle.The plan is to further improve the construction projects and ground hardening of cattle sheds, disinfection rooms and disposal center houses, expand the scale of existing silos, improve infrastructure equipment, apply for funds and projects supported by the superior, and continuously expand the breeding scale through the integration of foster care services.In the next step, The Uligidriggacha beef cattle breeding base will further improve the level of organization, scale and intensive operation, constantly improve the quality, expand the sales market, improve the income of the herdsmen, and truly make the herdsmen rich.(Ren Yujia) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: