Nine ways of Online loan fraud, “Tough”, “Hard to prevent”

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What’s the saddest thing about online loans?I didn’t get the loan, and I got cheated!This is a summary of some common microfinance scams that we hope you can avoid in the future.Nowadays, many small loan institutions say that they can borrow money as long as they have an ID card, but do they really only need an ID card?Think about it another way. If you were a microfinance company, would you dare to lend to someone with just an ID card?In fact, this is divided into two cases, one case is some small loan cheater said as long as the ID card, nothing else need to be next, encounter this situation should be careful, after getting your ID card, he may let you pay, do not pay the money also threaten you to reveal your ID card information;The other is the propaganda language of the small loan company, which advertises that you only need your ID card, but in fact, you also need to provide proof of income, proof of work or credit report when lending, which is formal and can be paid.2. The interest rate is much lower than the common interest, such as the “naked loan” which has made a lot of noise before, the weekly interest rate of female college students is as high as 30%, which is undoubtedly usury. Moreover, such usury is usually accompanied by violent collection.When you encounter claim interest even lower than the bank financial institutions, must bear in mind this paragraph, the world will not fall pie, fraud began more greed, at the same time when signing a loan contract, must have a basic concept of usury.3. The normal situation is that the loan is paid before the loan is received. The formal online loan platform will not charge any fees before the loan is issued.Include each big bank handles credit card, the card approves before coming down won’t collect any charge, only the card approves after activating normal use, just can buckle relevant charge.Those who call around can help loan, do credit card, loan money is not shadow, do credit card has not got, let pay money first, 99% is a liar!4 sell “strong open technology” believe that many people have encountered selling “strong open technology” people.What “ants borrow bai strong open, charge 800 yuan, the package out of more than 20,000 quota” and so on.No matter how many kinds of changes, there is only one purpose, that is to get you to pay.When you pay out the money, but also pretend to give you a set of so-called “tutorial”, cheating your trust, and so on after using will find that still strong open.Some directly block you, then contact can not be contacted.No matter it is microparticle loan, ant loan or ant flower loan, the system invitation system is adopted at present. No one can force them to open the loan without official invitation.5 trojans stealing card information for this kind of scams relatively hidden, liar general frame first, will make good loan information beforehand, such as SMS, QQ message, WeChat form a mass, to the borrower after the bait, cheater sent the installation package “Trojan horse” program, the borrower darling as required to submit their own bank card card number, password, and other important information,The balance in the bank card is transferred.Do not trust any private, informal lending institutions sent over the information, do not trust the website input your ID number, bank card number password and other important information.6 use phishing website as a cover phishing website scam is not actually what new things, it and we wrote before many counterfeit goods the same nature, such as Kang Shuai Fu beef noodles imitation master Kong beef noodles.The only difference is that you are less likely to lose money if you buy a fake product than if you run into a phishing loan site and lose all your savings.When you search for a loan institution or financial service platform on Baidu, be sure to click on the official website and recognize the difference between the official website and “promotion” to reduce the chance of encountering phishing sites.7 to spend money to eliminate credit stain because many borrowers “stain cause rejection is a personal credit, loan and crooks are to start the business that claims to be the bank have acquaintances, or to spend money to eliminate credit stains, position, once you have a lot of advantage fee into the pockets of a liar, and your personal credit does not so good half hour.Personal credit investigation is uniformly managed by the Credit Investigation Center of the People’s Bank of China. Once there is a stain, it can only be eliminated after paying off the debt and keeping a good record for 5 years. No one, even bank employees, has the right to modify it.There is no shortcut to a good personal credit investigation, the only way is to maintain a good credit history.8. Pay Fees Without Lending This is the most common tactic used by many microloan scammers, and it’s a well-tried tactic.Small loan cheaters they will let you pay a certain amount of deposit or data fees in advance, give you a guarantee that the loan line is very high, and can be quickly to the account, in the time of urgent money, you will not think so much, the result is waiting for you to pay the money, and then to contact him, will not find anyone.9 loans to find regular platforms now QQ, wechat circle of friends, community corner, public toilet, in addition to wechat business, miss Bag and other advertising, fighting the most powerful is all kinds of small loans advertising, can see the place, can be occupied by them.The more this kind of small ads should be more vigilant, most of the online loan fraud is believed by these small ads.Those flyers can loan with id card, the interest is incredibly low, how hidden trap.You tried to get a loan from him. He just wanted to cheat you out of your money.Let’s look at the tricks when we face the cheater: the police remind the loan must go to the formal financial institutions, the formal loan before the loan does not charge any fees!Any network loan, always in the loan before, in order to pay “poundage, security deposit, unfreezing fee” and so on the name of the request to brush water, verify reimbursement ability, is fraud!We’ll just get poorer and poorer!