From 1499 to 999 yuan, 64 million double camera +8GB+128GB, honor premium mobile phone price close to the people

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Have you heard the saying “daughter is father’s little lover, son is mother’s little lover”? The main purpose of this saying is to express parents’ love for their children.Valentine’s Day is coming, you screen users, in addition to thinking of their lovers and partners, have you ever thought of their parents to send some gifts?If you’re thinking of giving a gift to your parents, consider giving them a smartphone!# # goodies for digital prize, after all, smart phones are our necessities, with smartphones, not only can be convenient to contact each other, can also let the parents at the time of boring, get some entertainment, after all, today’s smart phones basic has the function of video, parents can use mobile phone to brush a short video, chase play, and play all kinds of interesting mobile game.If your parents are babysitting for you, you can also use your phone to learn something about parenting.It is worth emphasizing that for parents, the functions of mobile phones do not need to be too complicated, as long as they have normal functions and are cheap. Of course, it would be even better if they can buy products of big brands.In view of this, thousands of yuan machine has become the common choice of this part of the user.However, many consumers in the purchase of thousands of machine is, will ignore some details, that is not enough memory, because, in the early years, some manufacturers in order to ensure profits, thousands of machines tend to use lower memory, such as 3GB or 4GB, storage memory is only 32GB or 64GB.Because the memory and storage are relatively small, these thousand machine after a period of time, it is very easy to appear the problem of stuck, because, once the running memory is full, it is easy to automatically clean up the background application.Once the memory is full, it is very likely to cause the phone to freeze or black screen.The most direct way to solve this kind of problem is to buy a mobile phone with large memory.When choosing a phone for your parents, make a point of checking the memory specifications.Because the current mobile APP is getting bigger and bigger, the version with low memory is really not enough.If you want to make it easier for your parents, the 8GB+128GB model is usually a better choice, as most flagship phones now come with this storage combination.The glory Play 5T Pro was launched in August last year. Initially, it was priced from 1,499 yuan.But market competition is too cruel, the price of this machine is also one drop drop again.In order to rush sales, a lot of e-commerce platform is now killing a low price of 999 yuan, from 1499 to 999 yuan after the basic can determine that the machine is on the verge of removal.It is also good news for consumers.After all, the phone offers a great experience in a number of ways, including a snazzy, hole-punched, full-screen display, a 64-megapixel camera system on the back, a 6.6-inch screen and a 22.5-watt quick charge.But the phone has a very obvious downside: it doesn’t have 5G capabilities, so it’s not selling as well as some of its competitors.However, as a 4G phone, in the case of 999 yuan, can provide 8GB+128GB storage, and also built-in 4000mAh battery, is also very close to the people of the quality of the phone.For more of our great content, follow SmallKingway Talk Technology