The United States ranks third in the list of countries that have failed to fight the pandemic

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Washington, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) –The fight against COVID-19 is a big test for humanity.The vast majority of countries have chosen to unite and take active prevention and control measures in a scientific manner to minimize the global impact of the epidemic.However, as a country with advanced medical technology and rich medical resources, the US has ignored facts and science and neglected prevention and control. It has long ranked first in the number of confirmed cases and deaths in the world, undoubtedly becoming the “biggest failed country in the fight against COVID-19”.Pedestrians walk in the empty Times Square in New York, the United States, February 22, 2021.(Xinhua/Wang Ying) Many experts believe that the United States has not corrected its own path of response. Instead, it has turned the issue into a political weapon to attack other countries through smearing, misdirection and coercion, and allowed the virus to be exported to undermine global cooperation.This runs counter to international justice and should be condemned by the international community.In order to shirk responsibility for its own failure, the US has for a long time been attacking other countries’ response models, hyping up the “laboratory leak theory” in an attempt to divert attention from other countries and deliberately mislead the international community.Earlier this year, Eurasia Group, a POLITICAL risk consultancy in the US, released a forecast that ridiculously listed “the potential failure of China’s COVID-19 containment strategy” as “the top 10 risks in the world in 2022”.This report has no scientific basis, is full of political bias and absurd assumptions. It completely ignores the fact that China is trying to achieve maximum containment results at minimum social cost, avoid crowding out medical resources and minimize the impact of the epidemic on the economy and society.The report was released shortly after a million new cases were confirmed in the United States in a single day, making a mockery of its conclusions.Medical staff work outside a hospital in New York, the United States, February 22, 2021.While blackening other countries, the Us has been hyping up the novel Coronavirus leak from a Chinese laboratory, but has been keeping a lid on its own early cases and biological laboratories.The United States has avoided international investigations on its Biological laboratory at Fort Detrick, “vaping pneumonia” and other issues, and has sealed suspected blood samples of novel Coronavirus antibodies.Jonathan Zimmerman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, pointed out in an article on the Washington Post website that the US has a long history of blaming outsiders whenever it comes to epidemics.The United States, the article said, has always associated epidemics with outsiders as a “convenient scapegoat” that absolves the country of responsibility for illness and death.Tracing the origin of the coronavirus is originally a scientific problem. However, the US, for its own political gain, has turned scientific problems into political weapons to attack other countries, vigorously promoting the so-called tracing of the virus in other countries, in an attempt to coerce the WHO and some scientists into giving up their objective and impartial position.Some American politicians suppress scientists and suppress professional opinions, and some scientists who deny the “laboratory leakage theory” suffer harassment and online violence.For example, Anthony Fauci, a trusted infectious disease expert in the United States, has received death threats, and Christian Anderson, an American virologist, was forced to delete his Twitter account after he said that novel Coronavirus could not have been produced in a laboratory.Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, appears before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee on June 30, 2020 in Washington, DC.(Xinhua/Kevin Dietch) Tracing the origin of the virus should be carried out globally, including checking biological laboratories in the United States, experts said.Alexei Deygin, a senior scientist at the Institute of Gene Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the United States is the world’s leader in biotechnology research.In recent years, there have been a number of incidents at us biological laboratories, and the US needs to come clean about how it controls biological research.According to Zoologist Peter Dasak, member of the WHO-China Joint Expert Group on Novel Coronavirus Traceability, a growing number of studies indicate that novel Coronavirus infection symptoms were detected in people in Europe and the Americas prior to the Outbreak in Wuhan.The virus knows no borders. As responsible scientists, we should maintain a cooperative, fair, open and transparent attitude in tracing the origin of the virus. We should “use science, not blame”.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the US has been lax in its control and has exported a large number of active cases to other countries and regions in various ways.On the other hand, they hoard vaccines and obstruct global cooperation on vaccines, creating a huge “immunization gap”.This seriously endangers the health security of all mankind.At the beginning of the outbreak, WHO called on countries to halt the repatriation of migrants in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 worldwide.However, the United States, by then the epicentre of the global epidemic, did not respond to this humanitarian appeal and continued to deport tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to developing countries that lacked the capacity to cope with the virus.At a time when the epidemic was spreading rapidly, the US allowed tens of millions of American tourists to travel abroad, and American troops abroad repeatedly violated local quarantine regulations.These actions have helped speed the spread of the virus around the world.At present, omicron and other mutated strains are posing greater challenges to global epidemic prevention and control, and the global demand for COVID-19 vaccine is still facing a huge shortfall.The United States, on the other hand, has been hoarding and even wasting vaccines, stockpiling far more than it needs domestically.According to the CENTERS for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. wasted at least 15.1 million doses of vaccine between March and September last year.As of March 13, more than 676 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been distributed nationwide, with about 547 million doses administered, meaning that as many as 130 million doses of vaccine distributed to states remain unused.As vaccination rates in the United States slow, a large number of vaccines are also expected to sit idle and expire.A boy receives COVID-19 vaccine at a clinic in SAN Antonio, Texas, the United States, Jan. 9, 2019.(Xinhua/Nick Wagner) The US has also imposed export controls on raw materials for vaccine production, which has not only greatly hindered other countries’ access to vaccines from the US, but also seriously affected vaccine production outside the US, causing widespread criticism in the international community.An article titled “Us’ Vaccine Nationalism ‘Won’t Work” on the Website of The Atlantic monthly pointed out that the US is also increasing its own risk by vaccinating its own citizens without a comprehensive plan to share its surplus vaccines or export vaccine materials and technologies.