Snooker in a row!The strongest after 95 out, Lu Haotian 1 round of swimming, The birth of China’s first promotion

2022-05-24 0 By

The second day of qualifying for the Snooker Welsh Open ended last night morning with a series of upsets.The strongest 95 after Brecher feel cold, 2-4 lost to McClaid regret out;China’s lv Haotian, who had been in the final of the ranking match, had a bad start and played 7 rounds by Hamilton.Lu Ning became the first Chinese team to advance to the tournament, he and Li – Walker in the dogfight 4-2 win, not easy to win.Brecher is widely regarded as the best snooker after 1995. The Belgian bullet reached the final 2 days in 7 days this season, won the Scottish Open championship and the British Championship runner-up. Currently, the single season ranking is the third, is a real player.In the qualifying match against McClaid, Breitcher, who is known for his offensive skills, only shot 60 points in 1, while McClaid, a black player, kept his opponent in check and scored 54 points in a single stroke to win 3-1 match point.After bretcher’s narrow victory in the fifth game, McHaid scored 14 points in the sixth game to upset Belgium 4-2 on aggregate.Lu haotian, who reached the Final in India and finished runner-up, had his ups and downs against Hamilton.China lost two sets to go 2-0 down before scoring 112 points in a row to win 3-2.Hamilton’s 71-point victory in the sixth game pushed the match into a decider, while Lu failed to seize the opportunity in the seventh game, winning 27-71 and then losing, narrowly missing the main draw.Lu Ning became the first Chinese player to play in the Welsh Open tournament, he and Li – Walker fought six sets to split the victory.Lu reached the last 8 of the British Open and reached the final of the Champions League group stage this season. Her latest world ranking is 30th ahead of Ding Junhui.The first 4 rounds of the two sides equal, Luning hit 3 shots 50+, feel stronger than the opponent.In the 5th and 6th bureau, Li – Walker offensive end inaccurate each bureau only 1 points, Lu Ning 2 consecutive wins to end the battle, 4-2 eliminated the big mill wang promotion.Today a total of Yuan Sijun, Chang Bingyu and Lei Peifan 3 Chinese players to play, looking forward to their good results.