New materials for abrasion resistance and anti-corrosion of mining equipment: polyurea spraying anti-corrosion coating

2022-05-24 0 By

Yantai krubong: polyurea material has excellent wear resistance, its wear resistance of combined with spray molding temperature curing way of construction, to mine resistant grinding field provides a new solution, make a lot of field personnel to grind material repairs, convenient and quick, also provides a lot of different type grinding resistance with a way of without mould construction.Lumen spray polyurea anti-corrosion coating has excellent wear resistance, its wear resistance is 10 times that of carbon steel.Compared with the traditional coating or rubber lining, polyurea anticorrosive coating has better construction performance, can be directly sprayed on the surface of complex structure, spraying thickness is not limited, while saving the cost of expensive grinding tools.This machine is suitable for the lining of equipment with many batches, few batches and complex institutions, and also suitable for the maintenance of equipment. Its fast construction is that the equipment can be put into use as soon as possible, avoiding the economic loss caused by shutdown.Lumeng coating polyurea wear-resisting anti-corrosion coating 10 seconds gel, curing speed is fast, the film without joints, can be sprayed into smooth surface, can also be sprayed into uniform “pitted” structure, superior weather resistance, chemical resistance;Facade and curved surface construction is not flow hanging, suitable for the construction of special-shaped components;Fast reaction speed, high production efficiency, equipment can be quickly put into use;10 % solid content, no VOC, environmentally friendly.Polyurea spray coatings can be used to solve the problem of wear resistance, anti-corrosion, typical applications such as: ore plant and coal chute, roller, screw collector, the flotation tank, vibration feed table, rotary drum screen, vibration mill, ball mill, milling machine, cyclone separator and mining mud conveying equipment, etc.