Friends of old House: Ghost movie that Can laugh at stomachache

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CBS ‘” Ghosts “reboot of the British drama of the same name is doing pretty well, and is one of the season’s top-rated new shows. It was renewed for a second season this week, so feel safe watching it.In fact, I introduced the show as Haunted House Fun, but there is a meme in the show that the ghosts love Friends, so I think it’s a good idea to use Friends.The United States version basically followed the British version of the setting, slightly modified characters.Although the British series ran for three seasons, the total was less than 20 episodes, so the American version appropriated some of the stories, but also created many of its own.A little bit about the plot.A young couple, Sam and Jay, had been leading an ordinary life, but Sam suddenly inherited an old house with a manor from a distant relative who had just died.It was a dilapidated old house, and the couple planned to repair it and open a small hotel there.But what Sam and Jay don’t know is that there are several ghosts of different ages living in this house. They came here in life and died here for various reasons, becoming the ghosts trapped in the manor.Thorfinn the Viking, who died when struck by lightning, is the oldest ghost here.Native American Indian Sassapis.Sam is a distant relative of lady Hetty, the lady of the manor.American Army officer Isaac Died of dysentery shortly after the famous battle of Fort Ticonderoga during the Revolutionary War, failing to make his mark on American independence history.Alberta, the famous black soprano of the early 20th century, was poisoned.Hippie Flower died in a freak accident.Boy scout teacher Pete in the ’80s, he got shot through the neck with an arrow.Trevor, the playboy of the early 2000s, is the last of the bunch to die, so he is often required to explain new things to them.After hearing that Sam and Jay were going to turn the place into a hotel, the ghosts began to try to get rid of them. It backfired. Sam fell down the stairs and woke up in a coma for a few days.Jay went from disbelief to adaptation.From their initial repulsion, the ghosts gradually realize the benefits of having a living person who can communicate.So the two living and the eight ghosts began to live together.Obviously, the setting and characters are very similar to the British version.Speaking of which, both versions of the series are actually very good, but you can clearly feel the difference between British and American dramas.Several ghosts in the British version are actually the characters set by the creators themselves. In other words, what kind of ghost is not determined at the beginning of the creation of the series. Several creators and cast members created so many ghosts according to their own characteristics and preferences.But the American version is more normal according to the role to choose the actor.It should also be noted that the British version adopted the Color Blind principle, that is, African actors played ancient aristocrats, ignoring ethnic differences.However, the American version is different. The plight of the black group in a specific period is expressed through the role of Alberta.Hetty, Trevor, and Pete were all able to find the original in the British version, but with minor modifications.The Pete/Pat story clearly shows the different ways British and American dramas approach the same story.Pete/Pat was a good old man who was teaching archery to his students. He was shot and died in the manor.On the 30th anniversary of his death, Sam and Allison managed to get in touch with his family and asked them to come to the manor so Pete could see how his family was doing.In the British version, this is a tender story. Pat looks at his family in the distance. His daughter is holding her grandson named Pat in her arms.In the US version, the story takes up most of the book, from how Sam uses social media to find Pete’s wife, how she “tricked” her into coming over, how she confesses that she was with his best friend before He died, how Pete is finally relieved, and the arrival of his daughter and grandson.It is a typical technique of American TV series to expand a small story, describe each step in detail, and act out the plot that can be passed through the subtext of the leading actor.In addition to the differences in storytelling, the US version expands on many angles that the UK version didn’t.For example, Sam visits the ghost of his dead mother to help her “go to heaven”.Like ghosts can occasionally possess.Children sometimes see ghosts, for example, so Hetty met Thorfinn when she was a child.For example, in addition to Trevor’s ability to touch things, several other ghosts also have special abilities.Another example is that unrepentant ghosts go to hell.This play just started, in fact, have seen the British version of the United States to shoot what stuff, but as the story slowly unfolded, the United States began to gradually into a better situation, basically can be said to be the British version, quite interesting.In this story, the two living people basically serve as tools for the ghosts, and the backstory of each ghost is very interesting, and the collisions are all the more interesting because they come from different eras.So far, Thorfinn, Issac, Alberta, Pete, and Flower have been told how they died in the manor, and each has spawned a unique story that reveals a different life in a different era.So I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do with the rest of the ghost stories.These days on public television, comedy is the only thing you can watch seriously.