Today watch | Gu Ailing again, Wu Dajing to defend the title, Shanghai girl to fight single snowmobile

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On February 13, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games entered the second half, 11 events will be held, will produce seven gold MEDALS in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, short track speed skating, speed skating events.The first women’s single bobsled in the morning will feature Shanghai competitors.Born in 1997, Ying Qing was born in track and field. She switched to bobsled in 2015 and won the gold medal of women’s single bobsled series in Kingslake Station in Germany in 2019. She won the first gold medal of women’s individual bobsled event in the 14th National Winter Games, making a breakthrough in Shanghai’s ice and snow events in the National Winter Games.The biggest attraction of the day is undoubtedly the short track speed skating competition at the Capital Gymnasium, which will decide the gold medal of the women’s 3,000-meter relay and the men’s 500-meter relay.In these two events, The Chinese team has won gold MEDALS in the Winter Olympics.Especially in the men’s 500 meters, defending champion Wu Dajing led the race, the new Ko Winter Olympic champion Ren Ziwei and young sun Long also passed the preliminary heat.Wu still holds the world record in this event.In the women’s 3,000m relay, China has also made it to the final.China won a gold medal in the women’s short-track speed skating relay in Vancouver, but failed to win a medal in Sochi in 2014 and Pyeongchang in 2018.Beijing Winter Olympics, Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Zhang Yuting, Han Yutong, Zhang Chutong team expected to create good results, but the difficulty is not easy, in the four world Cups this season, they only won one gold and one bronze, the world ranking fourth.Women’s slopestyle freestyle skiing will have another wave of top, Chinese star Gu Ailing, who already has a gold medal in her hand, will appear again.Slopestyle is a competition on a course consisting of rails, tables, boxes, walls and jumps.Competitors can choose from a variety of obstacles.In the competition, the judges will give a full score of 100 points according to the jumping height, turn, skill, difficulty factor, etc., and the average score will be the final score.Contestants can perform 2 performances, and the higher score will determine the final ranking.Gu faces more challenges in slopestyle than in halfpipe.Gu will also be competing against Hildaru, Pyeongchang Olympic champion Sara Hoeflin and France’s Thais Letix, the current world number one.Hildaru is one of the strongest in the project.At the 2020 Lausanne Olympics, Gu And Hildaru staged a “fairy fight”.The women’s 500-meter final and men’s team pursuit quarterfinals will be held at the Ice Ribbon National Speed Skating Center.Speed skating women’s 500 meters, the Chinese team in this small event competitiveness is limited.The men’s team pursuit is the “debut” of Chinese athletes in the Winter Olympics. The Chinese men’s team made great progress in the Beijing Winter Olympics cycle, and the Team led by Ning Zhongyan finished fourth in the US World Cup this season.In men’s team pursuit, the Netherlands, the United States and Norway all have strong strength.China’s goal is to move up the rankings as much as possible.