How terrible!Treat the country’s preferential tax policies as “Tang Priest meat”

2022-05-23 0 By

Report from our newspaper (reporter CAI Junjie correspondent Jiang Jianfang Wu Kan) the use of the national tax policy on the software industry, wantonly cheated the state export tax rebate up to 35 million yuan.Recently, the Yinzhou District Procuratorate of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province filed a public prosecution, the court sentenced the defendant luo mou to 13 years in prison and fined 36 million yuan for defrauding export tax rebates;Sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of the defendant hole three years, and a fine of 950,000 yuan;The company kong actually ran was fined 1.48 million yuan for defrauding export tax rebates.In 2017, Feng mou (another case) and others found that, according to the relevant national tax policy, the export trade of software products can enjoy the tax preferential policy of “namely levy namely refunds”, which let them see a way to make a fortune.In August of the same year, Feng established an electronic technology limited company in Jiangsu Province, and appointed Luo as the legal representative of the company, specifically responsible for the business of the company.Feng and Luo took advantage of the national preferential policy of software products “namely, namely retreat”, and purchased raw materials such as chips with no actual function from upstream companies at a very low price, and processed into attitude stability controller, and purchased soil moisture sensors with no actual function at a very low price.Then Feng Mou forged false export orders, luo contract, commissioned several import and export co., LTD will have no practical function of false exports stable controller, soil moisture sensor, and form a complete set of falsely making out special invoices for value-added tax, at this point, the cost only 10 yuan of cheap products into a par value up to hundred yuan high value-added software products.Feng mou arrangement in the overseas consignee receiving and processing of goods, and then in the name of the import and export company to the state tax authorities for export tax rebate.As of March 2019, Feng, Luo and others defrauded export tax rebates totaling more than 35 million yuan.Kong mou is one of the actual operators of an import and export company, its knowing feng mou, Luo Mou in the implementation of fraudulently export tax rebate, still through its actual operation and the import and export company introduced by its, to help Feng Mou, Luo mou false export of soil moisture sensor and other products without actual function.He also illegally exchanged RMB for foreign currency in China and then paid for it through overseas companies in the form of payment for goods, creating false funds to leave the account, so as to declare export tax rebates to the state tax authorities.Between November 2018 and February 2019, Kong helped Feng and Luo defraud more than 1.83 million yuan in export tax rebates.The abnormal amount of tax refund has attracted the attention of relevant departments.After investigation, feng and other people defraud the state of high tax refund acts surfaced.Because this case involves a large number of people, involved companies all over the city, yinzhou district public security sub-bureau then transferred two of the defendants Luo mou, Kong Mou yinzhou district procuratorate review prosecution, the rest of the people by the jurisdiction of the public security organs investigation processing.After examination, yinzhou district procuratorate prosecuted to the hole a certain actual operation of the company as the main body in the unit crime, bore think luo, a, a practical business in the absence of real trade, using the country’s export tax rebate policy and preferential tax policies for the software industry to defraud export tax, his criminal responsibility shall be investigated to defraud a tax refund for exports of sin,Prosecution was instituted against the persons and the company.After the trial, the court made the above judgment in accordance with the law.Source: Procuratorial Daily