Gaoming “folk river chief” led the team to patrol the river, led the children to protect the hometown river xiushui clear

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Recently, gaoming district new era civilization practice “folk river chief” water quality testing cultivation and water ecological environment protection activities in xiuli River.Among them, gaoming District Memorial Middle School 18 student volunteers to participate in the river patrol and river protection activities, volunteers wearing yellow vests formed a supporting river queue, become a beautiful river bank a beautiful scenery line, attracting many citizens to watch.Gaoming “folk river chief” is carrying out river patrol and river protection activities.Xiuli River is a tributary of Gaoming River (Cangjiang River), with a total length of 10.2 kilometers and a watershed area of nearly 46 square kilometers.At the beginning of the year of the Tiger, walk along the beautiful river banks, where the green and quiet waters of Hanoi flow slowly into the distance.Years ago, after ecological control and greenway construction, xiuli River has changed from a smelly river into a green ribbon in the bustling city. People around it like to do morning exercises and go jogging and walking by yingying River.In the water ecological environmental protection activities, the water quality testing tutor guided the folk river chiefs and students to conduct color tube testing for the chemical ratio of COD, ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus in water, so that the folk river chiefs and students could understand the ecological harm brought by the water quality exceeding the standard.Subsequently, folk long river also led the volunteers around the beautiful river bank to keep water clean beach, they are holding forceps, carrying bag, division of labor cooperation, cooperate with each other, will be scattered around the bank of life rubbish, such as bottles picked up and collected into the trash bags, then eventually garbage collected for centralized treatment, persuade citizens threw garbage into the trash can,Hand in hand to build, co-governance, sharing water beautiful smart.Since last year, the brillant organize regular general volunteers to the west, the beautiful river and other major rivers and lakes tour river protection and ecological protection propaganda activities, crucial for good ecological environment pollution prevention work to cultivate a dynamic team of civil protection of river, in order to promote regional water ecological environment continues to contribute to the ascension, power good with green water around the city beautiful city landscape painting.Article/Foshan Daily reporter Xie Wenjun correspondent Liu Yanyun