Fok apologizes publicly!The woman behind him, she can’t hide

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January 31st 21:00 PM Beichen, Liang Hong, Yue Xiaodong three big coffee teachers to share “spirit of the New Year goods -2022, so the New Year more happiness” click the button below to make an appointment live huo Qigang’s recent life is not peaceful.On Jan. 3, Fok attended a birthday party for 170 people.Two of the guests were diagnosed with COVID-19, and Fok and hundreds of other guests were quarantined for 21 days.Kenneth Fok, a newly elected legislator, immediately apologized on his social network.This wave has not subsided, another huo family dispute property case and stir.It is not simple that the rich and powerful families are causing confusion, but the public is more concerned about: whether Kenneth Fok and Guo Jingjing can remain aloof this time?After all, from the moment he married Guo, Fok moved out of the mansion and went his own way.Now Mr Fok has abandoned business to pursue a quiet and discreet career in politics.Although it is a famous family, he still maintains a high degree of self-discipline along the way, no black material, no tidbits, it can be said that it is a clean stream of rich second generation.In his family, his integrity is inseparable from the influence of his mother, Zhu Lingling.Fok’s mother, Chu Ling Ling, was famously the first Miss Hong Kong to marry into a wealthy family.But few people know that she herself is also very privileged.Born in a wealthy family, zhu lingling has a good command of Burmese, Mandarin, Cantonese, English and other languages.And has always been an outstanding student, middle school is Hong Kong International School, and studied in the King George V school preparatory, 16 years old was recommended to study in Britain.At the age of 18, she captured everyone’s attention when she just stood on the campaign trail.She was crowned Miss Hong Kong and Miss Photogenic!After this battle, her reputation was greatly shaken, not only was rated as “Hong Kong’s four most beautiful”, but also was the crazy pursuit of major celebrities.And a crowd of admirers, the number of Timothy Fok the most crazy.Heroes save the United States, gentle, adhere to the daily visit class, patiently for Zhu Lingling’s every performance cheering.This one combinative punch lay down, finally opened Zhu Lingling’s heart.However, Fok’s proposal was rejected by Zhu’s mother: “You must be careful!A big boss like him is more than ten years older than you, so he will not be true to you. He only regards you as a plaything when he sees you young and beautiful.”Even if Huo Zhentting pledges, but really let his mother compromise, or daughter insisted: “Mom, he is indeed love me, I love him, age is not a problem, we will be very happy.”So, a city shook the wedding, opened the door of huo Zhiting and Zhu Lingling’s married life.Zhu Lingling thought from now on and prince Charming live happily, but ushered in a chicken feather.After marriage, the differences in life finally surfaced.One is accustomed to fine dining, the other likes to explore food;One party is rich and powerful, while the other yearns for freedom and independence.One side rich enough peach blossom, one side is the pursuit of a lifetime of a pair of people.The disagreement over the years reached the pole, finally, Zhu Lingling regardless of huo home to retain, determined to divorce, and out of the house.When she married Huo Zhiting because of love, free and easy to leave, but also because of love no longer.Since then, Zhu has resumed her love of photography and set up photography exhibitions.As the honorary president of The Hui Yan Ya Set, I do charity with the members.I worked out, and I won a charity badminton tournament.Attending major meetings of the company, drinking wine and taking the lead.Zhu lingling’s criteria for making life choices is to choose the person you love and live the life you want.Zhu Lingling is ahead of The Times of the concept of independence, is engraved in her DNA, so in himself, so in others.Over the years, people have been talking about Fok and Guo’s marriage as “the most down-to-earth rich family”, and their unique parenting style has been praised.But all of this, not without Zhu Lingling’s “do” and “do not do”.Zhu lingling has never been a spokesperson for Guo jingjing and his wife.After Guo Jingjing gave birth to a child, Hong Kong media asked Zhu Lingling how many children Guo Jingjing will have, but Zhu Lingling blocked them: “They know best about this, they decide by themselves, but it is hard to take care of the child, you need to know the responsibility.”As a mother-in-law, do not interfere, do not talk, put the initiative back in the hands of the son and daughter-in-law.This is her “do something”.Guo Jingjing decided to move out of huo’s 2.5 billion mansion, the media are speculating that she is abandoned by the rich, only Zhu Lingling knows that she does not want children involved in family disputes early, to cultivate children’s values of self-reliance and independence.As a woman, Zhu lingling knows what Guo jingjing cares about. She supports her career all the time, and has become a fan of Guo Jingjing many times in public: “In my mind, Guo Jingjing is a hundred percent.””I didn’t waste my childhood. I trained hard and succeeded. I was gentle.”This is her “do”.Sober mother upgrade to sober mother-in-law, for the younger generation of life, advance and retreat, how can not be grateful?Guo has publicly expressed her love for her mother-in-law many times, thanking her for nurturing fok’s many good qualities.Guo Jingjing, who is independent, can also break away from the rules of the rich family and follow her own principles to educate her children.Instead of walking into the path of the offspring of a rich family, the children lived the life of ordinary children.Food and clothing are not luxurious gas, life is more focused on experience.Not only are they known to participate in public welfare activities and try farming, but their experience is reflected in every bit of life: Guo Jingjing’s birthday, Fok Took his daughter to choose gifts for his mother;Huo Qigang’s birthday, the wish is “simple and happy, you are enough”, and the picture is a family of five to outdoor cycling;The lanterns for the Mid-Autumn Festival were made by guo Jingjing, her mother, and the Mid-Autumn Reunion dinner was all home cooked, not extravagant.It can be said that in giving children ordinary happy childhood on the road, Huo Qigang’s rich family background is not did not block;Fortunately, with the support of Zhu Lingling and the efforts of Fok Qigang and Guo Jingjing, the children opened a door to ordinary life from the moment they moved out of the big house.Born with a golden key is not really strong, have seen luxury still bear responsibility and justice, understand the ordinary precious place of the youth is the future of society!The fok family can be luxurious but chose a simple way of education, is admired.Back to the root, they can choose simple, can not do without Zhu Lingling’s silent support.A great woman can really last three generations.2021 is bound to be an extraordinary year for Mr Fok and his wife.At the Tokyo Olympics, Guo relaunched her career as an Olympic adjudicator.As the mother of several children, Guo jingjing’s departure will not be without the full support of Fok.This is not, Huo Qigang not only language to encourage support Guo Jingjing, but also alone to take baby flag, with action to support his wife’s career.He’s not just paying lip service.At that time, huo Qigang took his children to eat McDonald’s, “simply another meal”;Come again, take the eldest son and the second daughter to visit the Space Museum.Brother will help sister to adjust appliances;Sister holding the bear doll cleverly followed dad and brother out, cute and cute.Late at night still personally drive to pick up Guo Jingjing home.He posted a picture of himself waiting outside with the caption: ‘Waiting for my wife. Welcome home.’With such a father in charge of the base camp, Guo is more assured to concentrate on her career.And when Fok’s cause needs support, Guo goes all out.During the election campaign, Kenneth Fok needed to travel to all districts of Hong Kong to solicit votes, and Guo Jingjing and her son together with him, side by side to the streets, together to participate in the publicity.On Dec 18, Fok posted a photo of his brother Fok Qishan in addition to Guo jingjing and his son Huo Zhongxi.The son sits firmly in the C position with a handsome smile. Fok sits cross-legged on the floor, and Guo Jingjing squatts on the ground, wearing fashionable clothes and gentle and quiet.Huo qishan is wearing a white coat and looks very sunny.On the day of the announcement of the results on the 20th, Guo Jingjing also held vegetable flowers, on stage to congratulate her husband on his election!Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang common advance and retreat, live out zhu Lingling ideal husband and wife mode.Zhu Lingling has always been a heroine pursuing an independent career.She used to run a jewellery shop in England with her sister.However, the second day of the opening, Zhu Lingling was immediately recalled by Huo Zhenting emergency, a young and old scowling sitting in the hall, ready to her trial.Huo Zhiting finally announced harshly: The Huo woman, not to go out to open a shop!This matter, brought about Zhu Lingling to move from Huo jia angrily directly, also buried foreshadowing for later marriage breakdown.A good marriage should not break mother’s wings, but become the wind to help her fly.It is because of their own once beg but not, so now Huo Qigang sober, Guo Jingjing’s independence behind, are vaguely affected by the independence of Zhu Lingling.It is said that mother is a feng shui home, independent mother, sober mother-in-law, but also live into a strong backing huo Qigang.Zhu lingling is a legend. She lives by herself, consciously and proactively.Her independent and self-reliant figure has long been printed in the hearts of children.The so-called teaching by example is not an experiment that can see the results of a moment, but a lifetime of carving.Maybe there is only one Zhu Lingling in the world.But there is no shortage of good mothers who are as active and sober as she is.Like the 36-year-old construction worker who reads for two hours a day;Just like the 32-year-old working mother who put her baby to bed and studied until midnight to be admitted to Wuhan University.As the first female astronaut wang Yaping who took her daughter’s doll to space……They may come from different backgrounds;They may achieve different things;They may not live up to secular standards of success……But it was in them that we saw ourselves.We are not Zhu Lingling, but we can also with their own hearts to create the atmosphere of the child.It’s not just temporary care that protects a child, it’s a lifetime of strong support.Anchor | YaNan, radio host image | network (if there is any infringement please contact delete)