Civilized practices in the new era contribute to rural revitalization

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In early spring, green garlic fields, yellow rape flowers, tender pumpkin seedlings……In ji ‘an Jishui County each township industrial planting base, spring is full of vitality.Volunteers in Jishui County, dressed in red vests, are active in the countryside, acting as “labor homemaking”, “technical nannies” and “employment matchmakers”. They actively carry out civilized practice activities in the new era, promote spring farming production and increase farmers’ employment income, and contribute to rural revitalization.Li Manzhao, a villager in Qiaotou Village, Shangxian Township, Jishui County, Ji ‘an city, has a wife who recently suffered from low back pain.When spring ploughing came, she was in a panic. What about the farmland at home?”Don’t worry. I’ll figure it out.”Shang Xian township new era civilization practice volunteer Liu Meiqing to understand the situation, active door-to-door service, help her find someone to solve the problem of spring farming.At the site, some volunteers turned the soil, some dug ridges, and soon helped Li finish ploughing the field.Spring comes early, spring ploughing is just the time.Nowadays as spring season of spring, learn about the part of the villagers’ lack of labor in the home, the county practice of volunteer service entered the new era civilization villages “help spring” civilization practice activities, the volunteers into rural households, the obligation for them to do some farm work, and make it a priority to help local mass spring production, to ensure that the right season.At present, it is a critical time for melon seedlings to be transplanted. Zhou Xiaohua, a farmer in Luotian Town, is not sure about the timing of the transplanting.When he was at a loss, several “special guests” came to his melon field. They were agricultural technicians from the county. Zhou Xiaohua was pleasantly surprised when he saw them.In order not to miss farming, in recent days, the county agricultural units sent more than 300 cadres to help the formation of “technical support group”, in-depth villages and towns in the field, carry out to send technology, send policies, send posts and other “three send” services, timely solution to the villagers spring tillage production encountered technical problems.Agricultural technology experts go into the fields, explain carefully on site, teach farmers face to face crop soil and fertilizer management, disease and insect pest control and other key technologies, through in-depth explanation, let farmers master agricultural technology knowledge, better increase production and income.Zhou Xiaohua, a farmer, said, “What the experts say is very detailed and practical. I feel confident that it will be of great help to improve crop quality and broaden development ideas in the future. I am confident to manage the greenhouses well.””Employment matchmaker” set up a matchmaker to find a job “after spring, a large number of planting bases to recruit workers, we must inform the villagers of the recruitment information.”After receiving the recruitment information provided by the person in charge of the planting base, volunteers of Dingjiang Town’s New Era Civilization Practice quickly input the information into the LED screen of the government service hall, and then released relevant information in the wechat group to facilitate the villagers to obtain recruitment channels in a timely manner.”Thanks to the volunteers in town who recommended me for the job.Now, I can pick 150 jin of chili peppers a day and earn 100 yuan.”In the early morning of February 14, xiao Chunrong, a villager, is picking chili peppers at the planting base of Yanfang village in Dingjiang Town.On that day, a total of 15 villagers were working at the base, each earning 80-100 yuan a day.Living in difficulties, he wanted to go out to work to make money. After learning about Xiao chunrong’s employment needs, the volunteers immediately contacted the planting base in the town.Soon, Xiao Chunrong and others successfully achieve employment at home.During the Spring Festival, the county took advantage of the new era civilization practice position to carry out employment skills training such as e-commerce, baby rearing, elderly care and agricultural planting, and helped more than 1,200 villagers find suitable jobs through door-to-door recruitment and wechat release.In recent years, Jishui County has given full play to the position role of the new era civilization practice center (station, station), and set up more than 300 volunteer service teams, like capillaries to deliver volunteer services to all corners of the county.In a village of volunteer service, innovative rural volunteer practice aspects to explore new methods and create new paths, to carry out volunteer activities of more than 24000 times, more than 4000 volunteers conscientious, send agricultural extension knowledge, employment policy to the villagers’ home, promote labor employment, poverty become boost rural revitalization of paraphernalia.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: