43 in 35 minutes!He deserves to be an All-Star starter in the face of Paul’s doubters

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The NBA regular season continues with the game between the Hawks and SUNS.I believe that before the game, almost all fans predicted that the SUNS would easily win this game.After all, the SUNS are far better than the Hawks overall, ranking first in the league and 10th in the Eastern Conference.However, in a game that seemed to have no suspense, the Hawks played very well and were able to suppress the SUNS on both ends of the floor.In the end, the Hawks beat the SUNS 124-115 in four quarters.Objectively speaking, the main reason why the SUNS lost this game is nothing more than because the Hawks’ three-point shooting percentage is too high.For the rest of the game, the Hawks shot 48 percent from 3-point range to 28 percent for the SUNS.However, although the SUNS lost the game but Booker Paul both play or commendable.Booker finished with 32 points and three assists in 38 minutes, making 13 of 27 shots and 5 of 7 free throws.Paul finished with 18 points, four rebounds and 12 assists in 38 minutes, making 7 of 14 shots and 3 of 4 free throws.Unfortunately, Paul and Booker’s outstanding play didn’t bring the SUNS a victory.Well, after the losing SUNS, let’s talk about the winning Hawks.There is no doubt that the Hawks can win this game, one of the main reasons is trey Young’s excellent play.Trey Young shot 64 percent from the field, 16-of-25, in 35 minutes.He made 6 of 11 3-pointers and shot 54 percent from the field.He made 5 of 7 free throws and finished with 43 points, 5 assists and 1 steal.In the face of such a data, I have to say with emotion, Trey Young’s offensive dominance is too strong, scoring efficiency is too high.Fans who watched the game will know how smart and confident Trey Young played against Paul this game.One of the most obvious statistics is that Chris Paul had zero points in the final quarter, while Trey Young took over the game in the final quarter.Trey Young had a lot of offense against Paul in the game, and Paul could shoot if he didn’t guard trey young.On the other hand, if Paul comes forward and stays close, Trey Young can use his speed to attack.All in all, Paul is still getting old in front of Trey Young, not fast enough, not fast enough, not explosive enough.Trey Young, on the other hand, proved his worth in front of Paul.When it comes to proving your worth, I’ll give you two wordy sentences here.When Trey Young was selected as an All-Star starter, many fans said that trey Young was not worthy of being an All-Star starter, they said that Trey Young should not be selected as an All-Star starter.Trey Young, however, put his money where his mouth was on the doubters, with a blowout win over Chris Paul.In the meantime, trey young has proved that he deserves to be an All-Star starter, and he deserves to be.​