Wulian County Human resources and Social Security Bureau to optimize the policy mechanism service talent recruitment

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In 2021, Wulian County will introduce 3 doctoral students, 115 master’s students and 1,681 college students, injecting strong talent support for high-quality economic and social development.To implement housing subsidies for doctoral students and employment subsidies for college graduates as a starting point, establish a working mechanism of “policy finding” and “invisible certification”, formulate and print the Notice on Further Optimizing the Application Process of Subsidies for Young Talents, and optimize the policy implementation process from the source.Grasp the big data comparison “authentication”.At the beginning of each month, relying on shandong Public employment and talent service information System and Shandong Social insurance management information system, the information of new employment registration and social insurance participation was extracted and cross-compared with the education information of xuanxin Network.At present, more than 2,100 pieces of personnel information have been compared, and the young talent subsidy screening ledger has been established to ensure the “entry gate” of subsidy issuance.Grasp the “confirmation” of policy qualification, conduct qualification examination for those who initially meet the conditions, establish information communication channels jointly with enterprises, and publicize the information on the official website of the People’s Government of Wulian County, the public account of wulian People’s Society and other platforms after the verification and confirmation of enterprises.We should pay close attention to the “distribution” of fund raising, implement the “point-to-point” distribution system, directly distribute subsidies to the social security accounts of recipients of the policy, and timely push the SMS reminder of funds to the account, and improve the efficiency of fund distribution.In 2021, a total of 4.418 million yuan was given to 278 college graduates to help them find jobs or start their own businesses.Door-to-door docking, improve the pertinence of recruitment work to improve the awareness of talent policy as the guidance, Wulian County all-round, multi-angle, in-depth publicity of talent policy, through the policy publicity landing “the last kilometer”.Widen the channel of the talent policy propaganda, the thorough enterprise conduct face-to-face propaganda activities, transfer business, drive the backbone of the staff of 52, established talent policy XuanJiangTuan, batches of wulian county more than 140 enterprises above designated size in talent policy to preach, to issue “wulian talents in article 14 of the New Deal” talent policy understood and other data of more than 1800 copies,Continuously expand the breadth and depth of publicity of talent policy.To strengthen talent recruitment, Wulian county went to Lanzhou, Changchun and Jinan to carry out the “Action of Introducing Talents in urgent need”, publicized the youth talent policy of Wulian County, distributed more than 500 copies of “Talent Policy Clear and white paper”, and introduced 111 excellent young talents.Take the initiative to ask for needs, improve the precision of policy services to meet the goal of young talent policy implementation, ask politics in the people, ask needs in the people, ask advice in the people, make the policy more warm, more convenient to implement.Wulian County has actively carried out activities of “entering enterprises and listening to people’s livelihood”.Carried out investigations in key enterprises such as Wuzheng Group and Huahan Food, and collected 126 pieces of opinions and suggestions on talent policies through symposiums, providing directions for functional departments to better carry out their work.This year, the subsidy for doctoral students will be raised to 5,000 yuan, and that for college graduates will be raised to 800 yuan.At the same time, Wulian county implemented the one-stop service of “zero errand” to change the previous door-to-door application mode of employers. The human resources and social Security department of Wulian County sent mass text messages through shandong Human Resources and Social Security Service 12333 SMS platform to actively push policies to preliminarily qualified personnel every month.Relying on rizhao College graduates Subsidy application system and Rizhao Social Mobile APP, I sorted out two lists of application procedures and application materials, established a ledger for young talent subsidy issuance, and ensured the implementation of talent policies.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn