There are ways to improve learning ability, reading is a small input large output, absolutely cost-effective

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Return on investment of reading.This is the 14th in our closer reading of Crossing the Impossible.Three months ago, I wrote a reading essay, can you Use the Power of Reading?, shared the seven values of reading.This time in the book “Crossing the Impossible”, the author mentioned the return on investment of reading, gave a measure, I feel very interesting.The author points out that when you see an article on we-media online, taking himself as an example, it usually takes about 3 days to complete a valuable article.It takes you about three minutes to read.You get three days’ worth of work in three minutes.A long article published in a professional journal may take 20 minutes to read, but it may be the result of four months ‘work.A worthwhile book may take five hours to read, but it may be fifteen years of the author’s work.This is from the dimension of time, to affirm the value of reading.And I have a deep understanding of the value of reading, which is the return on investment in the economic dimension.When I just entered the training industry, I didn’t have much professional accumulation and could only get knowledge from books.One book that has had a deep impact on me is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The author of this book has spent more than a decade developing a system for improving personal effectiveness.And I read with my heart for hours, and I got his results.This is measured in terms of time.If you look at the economic dimension, for me, a book, it might cost about 50 bucks.But after I finish reading a book, even if there is only one knowledge point that I can learn, I will try to make it into the material of my teaching, as long as it improves my teaching professional degree and satisfaction.So this book made me at least 10 times more financially.Some great books have taught me more than one lesson. Take the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as an example. I’ve taught this system of personal effectiveness at least a hundred times in my career.This book has given me a financial return on investment of thousands of times.Therefore, if you want to overcome the impossible, you must improve your ability to learn, and reading, among other learning methods, is definitely worth the return on investment!