The urban landscape layout of the Winter Olympics will be retained until March 20

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The original title:Beijing orderly winter paralympic games city landscape transformation topic first large-scale use of early spring flowers flower bed games city landscape layout held until March 20 (reporter From) yesterday, Beijing youth daily reporter from the Beijing Olympic city office operation and environmental protection group learned that at present, the city is orderly winter paralympic games city landscape transformation work,To ensure that “two Olympics are equally wonderful”.According to statistics, the city needs to change 9 theme flower beds, 3 landscape sketches, 18,000 propaganda flags, 60 propaganda pictures.It is worth mentioning that for the first time, early spring flowers will be used on a large scale to replace the original organic mulch on the theme flower beds in Tian ‘anmen Square and along Chang ‘an Avenue.It is planned that the transformation task will be completed by February 28, and the layout of the winter Olympics city landscape will remain until March 20.”At the beginning of the urban landscape planning and design of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, we took into account the needs of landscape transformation during the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, made full use of the existing landscape facilities and points, and adopted the double emblem design to reduce the transformation, to achieve a simple but wonderful.During the conversion period, the separate emblem and mascot of the Winter Olympic Games shall be converted into the emblem and mascot of the Winter Paralympic Games.”The relevant person in charge of the office of the security group said that at present, the relevant units are stepping up the organization to do a good job of landscape layout during the transition period, sorting out the landscape facilities that need to be converted, and establishing a ledger to formulate implementation plans, to ensure that the conversion work is in place in time.What areas will be involved in cityscape transformation for the Paralympic Winter Games?Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the Olympic Central area, the South side of the Linglong Tower of the Olympic Park landscape Avenue, the intersection of Beichen West Road and Fan Yazaki Road 3 landscape pieces, the need to replace the winter Paralympic Games emblem, mascot;Nine flower beds along Chang ‘an Avenue and other areas (including Tian ‘anmen Area), airport Expressway and The Olympic Center area need to be replaced with winter Paralympic Games emblems, mascots and early spring flowers.About 18,000 propaganda flags need to be replaced with blue flags for the Winter Paralympics.The banner at the gate head of the west gate entrance of the National Stadium has been transformed into the emblem of the International Paralympic Committee;A total of 60 propaganda pictures of bus kiosks and fences were replaced with propaganda pictures of winter Paralympics.In addition, the city’s 28 light show broadcast content of the Winter Olympics logo, emblem, mascot replaced by the Winter Paralympics logo, emblem, mascot.The relevant person in charge of the office of the City operation and environment protection group of the Winter Olympic Games introduced that the production technology and installation method of the propaganda flag were optimized according to the characteristics of Beijing’s windy winter climate.The fabric of the flag was thickened, and the wind resistance and firmness of the optimized flag were greatly enhanced.The City Lighting Management Center of State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company plans to replace 8,488 flags on 11 roads, including Fushi Road and North Fourth Ring Road, for three days from midnight on July 24 to 26.North to the reporter understands, Olympic city operation and environmental protection group also stepped up its operations of the layout of urban landscape, the city’s setting, 58 BeiQin 118 patrol team, more than 700 security personnel, more than 200 patrol car and 42 landscape lighting professional support group, the implementation of the 24-hour patrol management, encryption patrol frequency, found that the problem timely rectification,Ensure that the landscape facilities in place, safe operation, always keep the landscape layout standard, clean, beautiful.The public area of the Olympic park winter paralympic games landscape Ming online report from our correspondent (reporter Li Zewei) recently, the public area of the Olympic park (hereinafter referred to as “the public garden area”) pushing winter paralympic games image landscape and guide the identity transformation, involving the emblem, the emblem, mascot, propaganda and so on, 26, is expected to complete the transformation.In the southwest of the Bird’s Nest, cranes and construction workers worked together to load a large installation of the five rings, the largest art spectacle in Beijing’s winter Olympics venue, out of the site.Immediately, workers carried out safety checks on the base under the landscape to ensure the stability of the landscape installation.Meanwhile, another group of builders studied installation drawings for the new landscape.”There will be a three-ribbon installation with the IPC logo.”The installation, 8.6 meters high and 18 meters long, is made up of three “crescent moons,” each of which is made up of many small modules, according to Shao Xiaoyi, deputy manager of the image landscape field of the public Area operation team.”This assembly pattern results in smooth lines and smooth surfaces for the landscape.It was a very delicate job, it took about 90 hours for 10 workers to just put together the installation.”The IPC logo “three-colour belt” installation will present both day and night effects.It’s red, blue and green by day, and a soft white by night that doubles as landscape and lighting.During the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, the world’s many heavyweight broadcasters in the studio, will be the Winter Paralympic “three-color belt” as a broadcast background.In order to provide the best viewing Angle during the broadcast, the position of the “three-color belt” was moved about 10 meters to the south from the original location of the five rings.Changing the five rings of the Winter Olympic Games into the “three-color belt” of the Winter Paralympic Games is one of the contents of the transformation of the image landscape of the public area of the Olympic Park.In addition, the transformation of the image landscape of the public area of the Olympic Park also includes the removal of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games emblem, mascot and other exclusive elements in the public area, and the replacement of the Winter Paralympic Games emblem “Feiyue” and the winter Paralympic Games mascot Xue Rongrong.”We will replace the ice blocks on Landscape Avenue with snow Rong-rong, and create two special security checkpoints, security Gate No.5 and security Gate no.5B, to make it a place for visitors to take photos and check in.”Shao Xiaoyi added.In the torch platform, the “Snowflake” torch will be replaced with the paralympic torch and the names of participating countries and regions, while the turntable logo will be replaced with the paralympic games name and logo.The transformation of the guiding signs in the public areas of the Olympic Park is also in progress.According to zhang Liang, deputy manager of the public area operation team, the public area of the Olympic Park currently has more than 1,300 winter Olympics various guide signs, in addition to the individual winter Paralympics related to the need to replace the card body, the other basic will be retained.During the transition period, in view of the characteristics of the Winter Paralympics, the guide signs in the public area are mainly added functional signs with barrier-free information, public information signs and pedestrian guidance signs, which are consistent with the layout design of the Winter Olympics and continue to use contrasting colors to facilitate people’s identification and use.The transformation of landscape signs in the Public area of the Olympic Park has been progressing steadily and orderly since its launch on February 21, combined with the transformation of other business areas.According to the plan, the public area of the Beijing Olympic Park for the Winter Paralympic Games will be put online on The 26th of This month.Yesterday afternoon, Beijing Youth Daily reporters came to Tian ‘anmen Square, “wonderful Winter Olympics” theme flower beds stand in the center of the square.The main scene of the flower bed is red Chinese knots, with a strong smell of New Year, surrounded by blue snow.The emblem of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, located in the center of China, has been replaced by the emblem of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, and both the north and south sides have been replaced.According to Song Xuemin, deputy director of the urban greening department of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping, the “wonderful Winter Olympics” theme flower beds were replaced at 5 am yesterday.From February 26 to 28, the organic coverings at the bottom of the theme flower beds will be replaced with early spring flowers, which is the first large-scale application of cold-resistant early spring flowers in the city’s three-dimensional flower beds.At present, the bottom of the “Wonderful Winter Olympics” theme flower bed with yellow and red garden organic compounds spelled out the “five rings” pattern, “five rings” around together, and embedded with snowflakes, meaning the five continents celebrate the Winter Olympics.”Starting From February 26, the yellow part of the pattern will be replaced with cornered violets and the red part with flaming bamboo.”Zhang Xianzhe, chief engineer of Beijing City flower co., LTD., introduces that in view of the cold and dry climate conditions outside, the project team selects 30 cold and cool species from more than 500 flowers, including carnation, alum root, corner cordials and so on, producing flowers in total about 200,000 basins, among which nearly 150,000 basins will be put into use in the first batch.”In order to ensure the flowers bloom during the Winter Paralympics, the flower production technical team will take a series of technical measures such as temperature control, photoperiod treatment, cold-induced resistance and anti-hormone treatment, and low-temperature transition to treat different flower varieties to ensure the flowers bloom during the Winter Paralympics.”Zhang Xianzhe said.Article/our reporter Wang Bin photo/our reporter Hao Yi