Product Manager: Not Civi

2022-05-21 0 By

Blogger @digitchat has revealed the case of xiaomi’s new phone, with some netizens speculating that the case may be the counterpart of the Mi Civi 2.”It’s not Civi 2,” said Xiaomi product manager @Xinxin_mia.At present, Xiaomi has two major brands: Xiaomi and Redmi. Xiaomi series includes digital series, Civi series and MIX series, while Redmi series includes K series, digital series and Note series.@digitalChat has revealed that the case is not a MIX.It is speculated that the model corresponding to this case may be a digital series or Redmi brand model.In addition, the case shows four holes on the back of the phone, which seems to indicate that the device is equipped with at least three cameras, and there are no holes for the fingerprint button position, indicating on-screen fingerprint recognition.It’s unclear when the device will be released, but given that the K50 series will debut in March, speculation has it that Xiaomi’s mysterious new phone will be released around May.Source: Fast Technology