How does the mother of an outstanding student accompany her child?learned

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My son’s best friend Kai Kai is a student with excellent grades. At first, he thought nothing of it. Anyway, every child has a different “flowering period”.Kaikai and his son were having fun in the living room. “Dudu dudu –” The phone rang. Kaikai’s mother asked me to send a message: “Kaikai still has a manual work to finish, let him go home!”I passed it on to Kekai as it was.Kaikai jumped to his feet, grabbed his coat and dashed for the door.The son wondered, “Why are you running so fast?”Kaikai flatly responded, “Mom is free to help me finish my homework, only a little left!”The son stuck out his tongue and said to himself, “Write a homework so active?”The devil is in the details. My son’s homework depends on reminders and prodding.Sometimes play is the strength, but also always with me to talk about the condition of “later to write”, can not once seen him actively ran to write homework.01 as a student with excellent grades, take the initiative to write homework, finished only then willing to play baby’s mother said: “Kai Kai after school is active to write homework, has formed a habit, do not need me in front of him, anyway, he finished writing only then willing to play.All day long to preach really too tired, this is only the first grade, primary school six years should be how suffering ah!I wanted my son to be as self-conscious as Kaikai, so I asked the mother what she had to do to accompany her child.After seeing my distress, the baby’s mother declaimed, anxious to use their own effective methods to share all out.I listened for more than half an hour, which mainly focused on the role of parents, education methods and companionship methods.After talking to the baby’s mother, I suddenly saw the light.After children go to primary school, their learning and growth can not all rely on “waiting for flowers”, passive waiting, parents’ correct company can lay a solid foundation for children.The correct way of education creates a correct and successful life for children. Parents should pay attention to the following in the process of accompanying their children.Parents need to be clear about their role as a friend who focuses on their child rather than a boss who only cares about results.For example, is the child reluctant to do homework because it is “too difficult” or because he is “playing in a panic”?Take corresponding auxiliary work according to specific situation again next.If the assignment is “too hard,” parents should help the child analyze, find ideas, or explain as necessary.If a child is “rushing to play,” parents can discuss whether to finish writing first and then play or play for 10 minutes before focusing on homework.The level of parental involvement runs through the process of how the child thinks or acts, rather than simply ordering the child to do something.With good encouragement, children will readily comply with their parents’ requirements.But many parents are wrong in the way of education, mostly in two extremes.”Too” : easily reward children, or encourage too exaggerated.For example, praising children in the first grade who are faster than themselves in calculating problems is not encouraging.”Less than” : children do well, parents do not reward to the actual place.For example, the child’s Chinese test 100 points, mother said “I will take you to the seaside”, the child felt very perfunctory.How to encourage children?”Too much” and “less than” are not acceptable!Only by taking the right measure and doing what they want can children listen to their parents.Parents can’t pretend to be there for their children. They have to enjoy it and be genuinely happy.But someone said: are fast childish faint, happy how to do?You know, the state of the parent can affect how the child really feels.When talking about this, the mother of a student with excellent grades repeatedly stressed that “parents need to cultivate”.”Thanks to the books accompanying My Children through Six Years of Primary School, I learned how to accompany my children,” wa’s mother said.I combine the similar cases in the book to solve the children’s problems, and at the same time follow the method of learning to accompany primary school students, only then can I become a satisfactory companion for children!”I can see that the baby’s mother accompanied the child’s process is very relaxed, but also joy.If you are also worried about your child’s study, you will probably not accompany your child.03 “accompany” rather than “accompany”, can read the heart of children, have you learned?”Accompany” is with the child frequency, “accompany” will let the child feel pressure;”Accompany” is “attentively” to assist the child, “accompany” is “force” to coerce the child.Only by accompanying with your heart can you truly understand your children, and this kind of companionship is of high quality.The six years of primary school will affect the following decades of a child’s life. Every child’s growth is natural and unique. Do not put limits on the growth of children.”Accompany children through six years of primary school” teaches parents how to teach children of different grades, through a large number of examples to illustrate the true meaning of education, there are corresponding practical suggestions to help parents cultivate their children.The most effective way for parents to successfully achieve their educational goals is to read their children’s minds.Homework is the least of your problems when you are on the same page, communicating, discussing and solving problems together as friends.Parents who accompany their elementary school children will only become more relaxed in the future.Because the foundation is stable, it will only be raised and strengthened in the future. The child only needs to persist in accumulating under the correct framework.The other two books in the series are “Accompany Your Child through the Third Year of Junior High School” and “My child, You Are Reading for Yourself.”The former introduces the different characteristics of each stage of junior high school, teaching parents to guide their children correctly, and the problems and coping measures of adolescent children.The latter from more than ten aspects of the discussion, provides a practical life planning, so as to fully tap the potential of children.Accompany the child is a knowledge, where you spend your time, the harvest is where, if you are willing to be a qualified companion to the child to learn, the child will naturally become what you want.The complete set costs only 68 yuan, which is a good deal on its own.Parents and children learn together. What could be more meaningful in the New Year?Over the course of a week, I found 3 ways to avoid a Fight between your oldest and second children. Simple Ways to Make your Day Clean”Monkey brother” is my idol, qi Tian Da Saint 3 mentality inspired me to thank my teacher, teach me simple and practical memory methods, easy to improve grades, I am determined to go to Tsinghua to learn more wonderful content, come to pay attention to all the way there is a baby