Break open that cake pu ‘er tea, smash the memory that remains

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The 13th, the 13th day of the first month, yangzhou high Lantern Festival!The 14th, the first month, fried for many years of western Valentine’s Day, full of warmth!The fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival, the ancient Chinese Valentine’s Day.January 16, February 16, you left me a whole forty-one months!Did not drink, did not think that there should be some gifts, not the noise of the ear, not all with the word “love” related to everything.The ancients said, “sentimental spare hate since ancient times”!Yes, spare hate!Is not love.Is there too much love?No, because you can never have too much.My memories after retirement are mostly of hospitals and illnesses.That sharing can reap expectations, that there is always a return to pay.Wrong.All that is paid is a fated doom, a debt to be paid.Want to understand this section, the heart is not so painful hardly wished to live.And more or less used to it.For a few years, try to stop thinking in terms of “what would you think?” instead, try to stop thinking and solve.Without you, I am no longer a landscape, but learn to frame, learn to shoot.I learned to illustrate words and register different apps to play with.There was a time when I thought I would never need to learn, and I thought I wouldn’t.Now know, there is no learning things, depends on whether there is dependence.Take off your crutches and just walk!It doesn’t matter how we go!It’s good to get back to the independence we had 30 years ago.For Chinese New Year, find those matching velvet pants you bought five years ago that we never got to wear.The illness made me forget.Lovers, lovers, enduring as the universe, the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, etc., in the face of life changes, but a joke.Put on your “new” pants. They’re too big.In five years later today, slowly fat again.Although he’s thinner than he was then.”Gold can’t buy old thin” view, by some experts think wrong.Your theory of weight loss, I don’t want to try again, your experiment, failed spectacularly.I don’t want to repeat my painful regrets.This is fate.However, this is next to the “Valentine’s Day”, let me extremely uncomfortable.I can ignore the 13th, spend the 14th with my friends and pretend to be happy for the 15th…No. 16, but no matter how “light” can not go down.How to do?Will be able to cause sad sad all, eliminate it.To save a man must save himself.Save yourself, start with “forget”.A cake of Pu ‘er, which I have stored for ten years, has become a medium that reminds me of you.That was a piece of pu ‘er five years, now it is 15 years.Remember that Valentine’s Day, you cheerfully took two tea cakes to my office, as a gift to me.I was laughed at by my colleagues.After all those years of marriage, cauliflower must be worth more than flowers.That’s my point.You are forced to agree.Tea, good lai than broccoli “elegant” point.I seem very romantic.I’m very practical in life.You instead.It’s even a little stereotypical, romantic at heart. Who can match you?Every time I say that, you’re proud.We know each other better over time in our lives.A twinkle and a smile, a word after the hidden, in no words.Be proud of receiving a special Valentine’s Day gift.Along with the cake came a glass tea cup.I cracked open a cake and soaked it in a new teacup.It tastes good.The entrance is round, refreshing and sweet.Thank the best, is not appreciate!Home inquiry learned that the tea cake price is higher than I imagined, could not help pretending to be unhappy to “complain” a few words, so that his little mind greatly satisfied once.I accidentally knocked the button on the lid of the teacup.Convenient use, not so convenient.A cake was drunk.The other cake, not willing to drink.Later, I retired and put the tea cake in the office for several years. I took it home carefully, thinking that we could enjoy it together in the winter.Unexpectedly, that winter, became my biggest nightmare.Tea cakes, left out in the cold.Even if I did, I wouldn’t touch it.I don’t know what tomorrow will be when I have my life torn apart. The elegant way of drinking tea and drinking tea is replaced by the way to the hospital.The greatest sorrow in life is to have so many plans that you think you can achieve them.In fact, none of this is possible.Only unexpected separation, staged on the stage of grief and joy in separation and union, has become a real scene in life.Absurdity and so on feeling, filled after a long period of time.No matter how much do not want to believe, it is not a story made up, is living life.Yesterday at the goalfield, someone asked me rudely, where’s your husband?I said no.”Where are you?” asked the man.I went out of my way to say “no”.Without explaining a word, he turned away.The man said “sorry” to me in a passive voice.What’s the point of “sorry”?Perhaps more curiosity awaits.This is the first time IN three and a half years that I’ve answered this question head-on.In writing or in real life, I never use that unfortunate word, always replacing it with “leave.”Yesterday’s “no”, much heavier than “leave”.Today, I found the dusty tea cake and smashed it with the back of a knife.I know that pu ‘er will be better as long as the environment is proper.Is the hype of the business or really so, it is not clear.For a time, Pu ‘er was wildly hyped.Doesn’t it matter that this piece has increased in value?Thought of the common goods, put again how long is impossible to achieve.Smash it, drink it, and forget it all!Consume the tea cake and hope there’s no more sadness over such things.All the days will pass.All memories, as the age of slowly forget.What pain is not pain?Let’s go to tea.Quench thirst, nourish stomach, is not a common product.(The Guy who remembers me 129)