12-0!Rich god strong rebound, Wang Zhelin suppression Yi Jianlian, the defending champion passive beaten

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CBA regular season, a strong dialogue, Guangdong men’s basketball home war Shanghai men’s basketball!Although the defending champions beat Shanghai in the first leg, it will be difficult for Guangdong to beat Shanghai again in terms of its current state. Even with Weems back and Guo Haowen injured, it will be a 50-50 contest.Guangdong team is strong in local players, Shanghai team is dominated by foreign aid, so the pace of the game is very key, which side can play their own basketball, bring the other side into their rhythm, the balance of victory will be biased in their favor.Simply talk about the focal point of the game, Guangdong team entered the game at a fast pace, Hu Mingxuan through the fast break 4 points!Wang Zhulin outside line to get Shanghai team’s first points, Weems return to the first shot into, united under the basket both hands dunk, Du Runwang’s pass, 8-3 opening!Franklin three separate zhang, Liu Zheng counterattack layup, a wave of 5-0 equalization!Wang Zhelin knocked down Yi Jianlian, and Liu zheng scored a putback plus a 3-pointer to lead a 12-0 run.Du Runwang three points to stop the bleeding, Franklin three points, Hu Mingxuan three points again, Franklin continue to answer the ball, Wang Zhelin two attacks, Shanghai team will point difference to double digits.Shanghai team offensive efficiency is very high, inside and outside blossom, Franklin strong rebound, a bit of the original super foreign aid that kind of taste.Wang Zhelin is to win yi Jianlian, play very tough!Lido and vonlay come up, both sides of the rotation squad competition!Feng Lai singles Yi Jianlian failed, Zhou Peng broke through the basket to break the deadlock, Feng Lai again assault, Yi Jianlian did not defend this time, watching him easily get the score.Zhou Peng breakthrough continues, feng Lai unreasonable three points, will be further opened.Yi Jianlian error, Shanghai team’s last attack, is also a mistake, Guangdong team counterattack, or a mistake, Lido and teammates of the tacit understanding is insufficient, Yi Jianlian is also very depressed, clap clap palms.After the first quarter, the defending champion Guangdong was beaten by The Shanghai team, 22-36, losing by 14 points.Guangdong team is not easy, the other side is good outside, and play very tough, inside and outside were beaten, Yi Jianlian failed to carry Wang Zhelin, this is unexpected before the game.