Welcome to a fresher life

2022-05-20 0 By

Another spring breeze is back, it is a New Year and a new time, so that all expectations ready to go, including their own look brand-new.To see the years of flowers, to touch the warmth of the time, but also to remind themselves of a sentence, no time, fresh life, hard life, lovely life.Go shaping ego’s heart, carefree, strength, fresh and ruyi, expect somewhat, change slack, adjust balance, experience is refined and easy, just walk, do not be much of a heart.In the dust of culture, in the world can be detached, anxiety in the heart can be relaxed, walking in the desolate can be high.Broad vision, vast heart, life through, do not complain, do not sink, do not worry, not decadent.There are many discoveries to be made and many more to be shared.Years of circulation, it is a spring, summer, autumn and winter, after countless good-looking, returned to the spring breeze, life encountered a lot of stories gathered scattered, there are a lot of profound life, just a noisy at that time, then disappeared.But they are all of the past, what’s the big deal, why brood over it, why sink into it?After is not so special good, but also why bother, after those people and things, although not as good as thought of so good, but also have laid down their own obsession, also secretly self heal, silently after growing up, learned to give yourself free, learned to give yourself free, learned to yourself less vulnerable to injury,No longer so sensitive and desolate in the suffering of those lives.Rain with an umbrella, it is not an umbrella, so that adapt to become a habit, rather than a temporary preference.The so-called smooth sailing, the so-called sunshine all the way, the question is whether they can heal themselves, whether they can adjust themselves, whether they can reflect on themselves, whether they can enlighten themselves.Don’t say THAT I understand a lot of truth, know everything, there is a mistake is nothing to do, nothing to do, there is envy of life, but can not support the bitterness of life.Open the life, to life than a “yeah”, in life need to adhere to the principle of their own goodwill, in life also need to support their own bitterness.When luck is not good enough, you can try courage. When life has cracks, you can wish a sentence. That is where the light comes in.In life groping, exploring, thinking and grasp, study hard, to find their own destiny wonderful lighthouse;Remind yourself that this is exercise when life is bitter, achieve a pair of more brave wings, fly to their own piece of the sky, look up to the distance they are flying to.What is life, near lights, distant stars.A warm blessing, bless life those unexpected challenges, light a heart lamp, illuminate their feet of reality and future distance, but also link my heart world endless hope.