Wearing a “sweater” for spring misses these three points, so it’s no wonder you’re wearing a plain look that’s more elegant

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Sweaters, like many basic styles, can accompany ordinary people for a long time, from fall to winter, and then from winter to spring wear, we can see the figure of sweaters.In late winter and early spring, there is no more practical item than a sweater. Choose the right sweater to allow you to gain comfort while also coping with temperature changes, anytime, anywhere elegant and advanced.A lot of people are wearing nevertheless when build sweater, did not develop value of sweater itself however, tie-in is either old – fashioned, or do not have class, because we did not notice the tie-in point of a few sweater, this.Spring “sweater” ignores these three points, no wonder dress mediocre temperament, it is more elegant, let’s take a look!First, the collar type choice most people in the selection of sweaters, the first will consider the sweater, version, feel or style, but in fact some easy to be ignored part, is you and others open the gap key.1, turtleneck sweater, after all, with the development of fashion, few people know nothing about wearing, most people have a certain amount of wearing skills, but also know to pay attention to the basic material and feel.This is where you start with the collar and highlight your dress sense by choosing the collar that suits you.Recommend what everybody is turtleneck sweater above all, this kind of sweater can take coat outside, also can single wear, suit to be used to model elegant intellectual wind very much, high collar design also can promote the heat keeping effect that outfit and affinity.Most people are familiar with round neck sweaters. After all, this is the most common sweater style in daily life. Small round collar is simple and generous, but it is also suitable for creating a folded look.And the round neck sweater is not how to pick people, like many people if the neck is short or belongs to the thick neck star people, can choose a round neck sweater to show the neck line.3, chicken heart collar or V neck sweater neckline of this kind of sweater is much lower than round collar or high collar, in winter or spring season, you can choose it to promote the upper body skin area, make a part of the clavicle area and neck line is an organic whole, stretch neck line does not say, also can give elegant feminine flavor for modelling.Most chicken heart gets or V get sweater very practical, might as well choose light color to fasten design in open spring, build western trousers or fold to wear shirt, shirt skirt, the United States gets gentle and intellectual.4. The superimposed zipper design of lapel sweaters is very plastic, and ordinary people can adjust the zipper height to present a different effect.And lapel design can also enrich the upper body collocation level, play a diversion of sight and small face this dual role.If you’re used to wearing a turtleneck or crew neck sweater, you might want to choose these sweaters to enhance your outfit.Two, color collocation many people wear sweaters not fashion advanced, but also because of the neglect of color collocation.Generally speaking, winter sweaters are mostly solid colors, and ordinary people need to pay attention to the color matching between sweaters and bottoms.1, light blue + black/white ordinary people to a certain age stage, in the choice of sweater color is relatively fixed, in addition to the common black and white gray, earth color, is the Morandi color.In open spring season, like this kind of shallow blue sweater can make dress presents pure and fresh and tender feeling, reduce age is fashionable.But in color collocation, sweater is low saturation color, the bottom should consider the basic color, such as black or white.2, the same color + white with the same color sweater and bottom, not only simple but also can wear a suit both visual sense, but if the use of a single black, such as black sweater with black pants, or black sweater with black pants, then the dress is too dull.You need to add a white bottom T-shirt or white bottom shirt under your sweater for a transition and a more sophisticated look.Third, there are many people wearing sweaters is not fashion, because the collocation is too casual, especially in the lower, how comfortable how to wear.1, sweater + wide-leg pants in fact sweater collocation is also very particular about, in addition to consider the style of dressing, but also to consider the sweater version.If it is this kind of version of the slim short sweater, then it is recommended to match high waist and wide leg pants, so that the dress appears to be “short on the bottom long”, “elastic combination” effect.2, sweater + black small pants, similarly, when the sweater is loose, the bottom suit is best with small pants, such as black small jeans, black small pants or blue jeans, the specific color should be based on the sweater to choose.Resemble shallow pink, gules fastens sweater to reduce age melting, still be black of course pants of small foot more match.Conclusion: no matter be sweater gets model choice, still be colour collocation, perhaps next outfit choice, decide sweater to wear to build effect to a great extent, common people ignored among them a bit, wear a good temperament hard, pay attention to these 3 points conversely can more pass through grace!This article by tiger brother original, pictures are from the network, if any infringement please contact delete, if need to reprint please indicate the source, plagiarism will be prosecuted!What to wear today