The most frustrating thing for FPX fans?Gori is a terrible cook, but he works really hard

2022-05-20 0 By

After last year’s worlds, FPX became the first team to exit the group stage due to their poor performance in the S tournament, which upset many FPX fans.Niubao went back to LCK, Tian went to TES, Doinb went to LNG, Crisp and Uzi went to BLG, leaving LWX alone to stick to the team, while FPX introduced Gori and CLId, tiger and Hang,In this way formed a new season of the new lineup!The most frustrating thing for FPX fans?Gori is a dish, but he works really hard!Originally everyone for this lineup is not good, but DID not expect FPX unexpectedly in the German cup top into the final, and the performance of the strength, really very strong.This and let a lot of netizens have kindled hope, because FPX is still in the German cup final above, and at that time recognized the strength of the TES team is very strong, played a full five bureau, but also in the first battle of the spring game above, defeated the reorganization of the RNG team!This has many fans looking forward to the spring season.But as the schedule gradually entered, FPX in the first period of time inside the performance is very good, but we also found the fundamental, that is not able to let Gori, the player, get the plane.Because this version of the plane is very severe, even if the front of the lack of development, to the back of the charge pack, poke on the line.Finally, all the teams that encountered FPX directly ban the hero, Gori directly “showed his true colors”, and FPX scores began to suffer.How hard did Gori work?Rank to four or five o ‘clock in the morning every day, fight to learn Chinese!So many netizens began to hope that FPX quickly change to a single, if it is still Gori such a middle player, FPX really not far.In addition, Gori’s inverted finger on T1 made many fans and passers-by not like this player. Some netizens even joked: “Beichuan is in such good condition, why not let Beichuan play singles?Maybe FPX can still be saved.So there is a lot of mistrust of Gori.At the same time, however, FPX fans have been frustrated that Gori is not a terrible player, even though he is a terrible player.First of all, he has a very good personality. In ordinary live broadcasts, he would be very happy to be given a bite to eat. He also makes great efforts in learning Chinese, and his efforts are also reflected in the pinyin book.Looking at Gori’s rank, Gori played until four or five o ‘clock in the morning every day to rest. When he came to FPX before, his Hanbok account was also maintained at more than one thousand points. Can you say that he didn’t work hard in Rank?Can we say that he doesn’t work hard at learning Chinese?In fact, he is really hard, but his performance in the game is very bad, which makes many FPX fans despair, want to spray, feel embarrassed to spray, do not spray, he is really bad at playing, is really a dilemma ah!