Mobile power quality national supervision spot check, unqualified detection rate is 25%

2022-05-20 0 By

Mobile power products in the past 3 years of national supervision and spot check (market regulation provided by the General Administration of Market Regulation) do you buy the quality of the charge bao qualified?The State Administration for Market Regulation recently released a notice on the state supervision and spot check of the quality of electronic products in 2021, showing that the failure rate of mobile power supply was found to be 25%.Mobile power supply, commonly known as “charging treasure”.The spot check of 108 batches of mobile power products produced by 107 enterprises found that 27 batches of products are unqualified, the unqualified detection rate is 25%.In recent 3 years, the unqualified rate of the product was 39.7%, 19.8% and 25% respectively.This spot check focuses on the heating requirements, effective output capacity under normal temperature, conversion efficiency, short circuit protection, overload protection, overcharging, heavy impact and other 16 items were tested.According to the analysis of technical institutions, unqualified items such as overcharging and heat abuse may lead to overheating, fire, explosion and other risks, which may have hidden safety hazards.(Source: Xinhua)