Lavish is false, do not know how to save without trouble

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Extravagant, don’t know how to spend money, don’t know how to save money, don’t know how to make money, don’t know how to spend money, don’t know how to save money, don’t know how to live.Lavish is hypocritical, this is to describe a person’s attitude to money, he is lavish spending, throwing thousands of dollars, that is based on their own money, if no money, can you lavish spending?Understand that it’s not possible, there’s a condition to spending money freely, because it’s showing off in itself, especially on certain occasions, like reunions, attending events.That would cost money, but he could feel everyone’s envious eyes and admiration.Don’t know how to spend money, this is because there are certain conditions at home, his parents and family are very spoiled for him, all needs are ready, is a golden key to grow up, is equal to before stepping on the society is not know the concept of spending money, in his world, as long as I need, there will be someone to achieve.Those who do not know how to save without worry are born in comfort and die in worry.We all have to grow up, have been growing up in a comfortable environment, the family has certain conditions, we will not worry about money, will not think of people’s fortunes, unexpected weather.Because someone meets his requirements, he doesn’t need to save money. I don’t need money. I don’t have a concept of money.Do not know how to make money without life, those who do not make money by themselves are often not greedy for money;People who make money by hand have two thoughts.Everything is paid in exchange, nothing is gained for nothing, unless it is given, but the given can only be for a moment, not a lifetime.Some people just don’t know how to make money, because the family is spoiled, spoiled, become a dawdling rich second generation.I can do everything except make money.Read a story online, because the family is rich, he does not know how to spend money, do not know how to save money, do not know how to earn money.His life was happy at first, for money blurs the distinction between consumption and waste.Wherever he went, he would call on his friends, for he was rich and extravagant, and there was no trouble eating or drinking with him.But back home business problems and lost money.His life fell from the sky to the ground. In order to survive, he came out and took a job. However, because he did not know how to spend money, he wanted to buy everything he saw, especially impulse purchase.We pay for what we need, and he doesn’t.Because buy all sorts of things, that is overdraw credit card, it is all sorts of brush card every day, change card.I can’t figure out why I owe so much money.In fact, the reason is his body, we have the concept of saving money for a rainy day, but he did not have this concept.When this happens, it’s all sorts of incomprehension.Because no one tells him to save money, he will be living paycheck to paycheck.Just pay wages to see is the most happy, all kinds of money for a change, little left.Worry about the life of next month again, this lovely not others, can only be to blame oneself did not plan, achieve tailored clothes.It is sad not to have money, it is even sadder not to know how to make money.It’s the same set of hands, but the value created by each person is different.What is valuable is rewarded.No value, no return.”I grew up with the idea that making money was fun and the process of making money was fun.You are passionate about shopping, I am passionate about counting money. We are in the same mood, but the results are different.”Spending money is ability, earning money is ability.There is no need for us to lament or complain.Because of their own bad mix, can only blame themselves, not others.Only the greater our ability to make money, we count the more successful Korea.Because this is our life.