Why are the five packs of dumplings in different poses?

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This is the case, the third day of the Chinese New Year we have a push: “The third day of the Chinese New Year why can be aboveboard sleep late?”Please mention the comment area “bully general speech” : blame us blame us, should remind everyone in the second day of the third day can sleep late.We learned the experience and lessons, today is the fifth of the year, early in the morning hair “the fifth of the year should do what”, this time it is too late!The fifth day of the first lunar month is commonly known as “Po Wu”.In the old days, there were many taboos during the Spring Festival, such as cooking with raw rice, women’s needlework, cleaning and breaking.After the fifth day, these taboos are lifted, so this day is called “Po Wu”.In other words, you can sweep the floor today!”Welcome the god of wealth”, “open the market” the top priority of the fifth lunar year, of course, is “welcome the god of wealth”.On the fifth day of the first lunar month, people open doors and Windows, burn incense, set off firecrackers, and light fireworks to welcome the god of wealth.In some places, people greet the god of wealth with sheep’s heads and carp.Sheep’s head means “auspicious”, while carp’s “fish” sounds similar to “yu”.Take over the god of wealth, we also eat wine, often eat until dawn.Everyone wishes the god of wealth to bring gold and silver at home and be rich in the New Year.According to the custom of Spring Festival, shops of all sizes are closed from the first day of the first lunar month and do not open until the fifth day of the first lunar month.It is said that the market opens on the birthday of the God of wealth. No matter how your business is, this year’s wealth will be very prosperous.In terms of eating, eat dumplings on the fifth day of the first month, commonly known as “pinch the mouth”.Because when making dumplings, you should use your hand to knead along the side of dumplings, it is said that this can avoid the surrounding slanders.Women on this day, but also to find out a few old clothes to dismantle, called “dismantle small people.”Make dumplings, sweep the house, welcome the god of wealth, open the market!A new round of study and work is about to begin, tidy up the mood, vigorous, the so-called “unbreakable”, the fifth day of the lunar New Year, are you ready to bid farewell to the past, to meet tomorrow?Renyin year on the fifth of the first month 2022-02-05