Watching the light show “Bosom Friend”, the first flight of the Year of the Tiger

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Hubei Daily news (reporter Yan Fangting, correspondent Jiang Chao) On the evening of February 14, several days off performance “Bosom Friend”, the year of the Tiger for the first time to welcome guests.Tourists board boats to hear stories of old Wuhan and experience a night trip along the Yangtze River in a dazzling light show.In the evening, after cooperating with the staff to check their temperature, check their travel cards and health codes, the tourists entered the pier one after another. Along the way, the retro performance scene reminded them of the old Man who lived 100 years ago.After the prologue performance, we entered the cabin. The retro and modern performance quickly attracted the attention of the tourists.”The land king who once dominated Hankou decided to issue a joint statement to arouse public opinion and protest against the foreigners.Battle-hardened war reporters, but can no longer find the woman once loved;A blind businessman who trades a pair of eyes for a university…”In the different situations of Bosom Friend, family and country, reunion and separation are staged in scenes of old Wuhan stories, which move the audience deeply.At the end of the show, visitors take a break from the last century and walk through the doors on both sides of the second floor of the dance floor to experience the dazzling light show of the Yangtze River.By the bar, couples pacing, accompanied by melodious music, share their stories of meeting Wuhan.It is worth mentioning that from 19:00 on the night of the Lantern Festival this year, the Yangtze River Light Show will launch the Lantern Festival special – “Peaceful Country, Peaceful People, Harmony and Prosperity”, dynamic interpretation of the original traditional Lantern Festival customs, guessing lantern riddles, eating glutinous rice balls and other interesting traditional folk culture, such as paper-cutting, dragon lantern playing, temple fair.On the “Zhiyin”, you can see almost all the illuminated buildings and Bridges of the “Yangtze River Light Show”, and feel the festive atmosphere, the happiness of reunion and the ceremonial sense of yuanxiao folk custom.This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: