The scene of huang Zitao’s fight with his fans?Fans rational fan advised him to see a psychologist

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I don’t know. Did you eat Huang Zitao’s melon yesterday?When I got up this morning, I found huang Zitao in two or three hot searches on the entertainment list.The gossip is simple: Huang Zitao is suspected of falling in love with his star Xu Yiyang.Fans suspected the two were in a relationship and asked Huang zitao to explain.The reason is that yesterday, Xu Yiyang posted a picture of himself on vacation, and fans suspected that the person was Huang Zitao, and then uncovered their game accounts as a couple.As well as the previous two people’s trip, overlapping places found where Huang Zitao went, where xu Yiyang.Yesterday, the fans quarreled all day and wanted huang Zitao to give a response. As a result, Huang Zitao posted a picture of five dragons in the evening and got into a fight with his fans in the comments section.Fan fantasy is actually not a quarrel, Huang Zitao did not say any dirty words, just temper.He felt that there was no need to explain his own things to his fans, but the words he said were always a little irritating.My own life, my own choices, why am I explaining this to you?You all have delusions, don’t you?In the real-time comments, some people joked that the stars really thought clearly. You were my fan when the live broadcast brought the goods, and you were all delusional when the gossip was clarified.There are some fans in the comment section explaining that Huang Zitao is not angry with fans, she is not used to those marketing accounts, always fabricated rumors, she is in love with Xu Yiyang.He wasn’t angry at us. He was angry about this.Of course, most fans are still in a bad mood, otherwise Huang Duofen huang Zitao would not be on hot search.Should we say that fans are really big stars?Take off the vest scene or large rumor scene Huang Zitao fans off the powder of those small papers, a shocking than a person advised him to see a psychologist the difference between fans and take off the powder is actually not big, the same thing, when taking off the powder is much more sophisticated than when the fans.As we all know, Huang Zitao is famous for his temper tantrums and funny works over the years.There was a long composition sent by a fan when he took off his fan, questioning Huang Zitao’s recent psychology. The state was very wrong, which was different from the rudeness of not understanding this circle before. Sometimes your behavior made people feel confused.In the eyes of his fans, huang zitao’s psychological state has been very wrong since 2019. Before he took off his fan base, his fans would always explain to him that this is his true nature.After losing his fan base, fans began to urge him to check his psychological condition.Did you know that those e-commerce capitalists you’re working with are using your dad’s story to promote health care products?Did you know that many of your personal schedules are revealed by your business partners?Did you know that this wasn’t exactly a fan hunt, but a photo of your internal trip that was leaked by someone inside your company?If huang Zitao knew about the business of huang Zitao’s father, would such a true temperament person be able to bear it?The latter two things are even more alarming, as their relationship was leaked by someone inside the company.What was the psychological leak?Is not used to, is the same company employees, Xu Yiyang suddenly became the owner’s wife?But Huang Zitao didn’t admit it this time either!In fact, see this kind of powder off small composition, smile has always been not into real feelings.Fans, will always be true feelings of love idol.But this long essay does have logical facts to follow.Huang Zitao, in recent years, the hot search or the event of the circle, all are very controversial events.If you think about it, it does seem that his psychological state is not very stable, in a very manic and irritable state.Like Huang Zitao, this age has not been able to take the old works of the flow, in fact, mainly rely on fans to support.Now is questioned love, oneself also can’t high eq clarification, and fans quarrel.I don’t know what direction to go in the future.I don’t need to worry. He’s a rich kid.| smile like articles, point a concern, see more interesting content!