Parents love: Antai’s wife is also a scholar, Lao Ou’s words affirmed her

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The TV series “Parents Love” is adapted from the novel of the same name written by liu Jing, a famous writer of military novels, directed by Kong Sheng and starred by famous actors Guo Tao, Mei Ting, Liu Lin, Ren Shuai and Liu Tianchi.The background of the story spans more than 50 years from the 1950s, to the beginning of the reform and opening up, and then to the beginning of the century. Under such great changes of The Times, the love between Jiang Defu and An Jie is the main line, and the extraordinary stories of several ordinary families are interpreted.In the TV series, the characters people dislike are Definitely Antai and his wife, who are considered too snobbish, especially by the great intellectual Ouyang Yi.In fact, watching the plot of the audience, there must be a question in the mind, the play is famous every character has a surname, even the housewife Wang Xiue, Zhang Guiying are so.But An Tai’s wife Ann aunt, but did not say her surname from beginning to end who, the probability of this character out of the mirror is very high, the image is more prominent, but became nobody, even we do not know what her surname.The role of a lot of people don’t like home eldest sister-in-law, so don’t care about her, plot could be more impressive, when jack home serving, all neatly, even wipe clean the edge of plate, DE hua is defiantly said to her, “QiongJiangJiu”, and warned drinking three people say “eat careful, don’t eat out”!In writer Liu Jing’s novel of the same name, An’s sister-in-law was also born into a big landlord family. Because of her poor birth, she married into an’s capitalist family, which made An tai’s life even worse.Big miss born of her should not have been toadying secular, especially her attitude to the sun mother, but also can and two sister-in-law peaceful coexistence, originally she should also be a virtuous shu De, know the book of courtesy, as the saying goes: “people under the eaves, how can not bow” this sentence in the settlement of sister-in-law’s body is also very appropriate.You may want to know what kind of person Ann’s sister-in-law was, what made her become secular and annoying, her servility to Jiang Defu, a “his little uncle”, where there is any ladylike appearance?At the beginning, Ann’s sister-in-law and Antai strongly approved of Jack’s marriage to Jiang Defu, while Ouyang Yi was the most disdainful one. Since they became relatives of Jiang Defu, The rough image of Jiang Defu made Lao Ou feel inferior.He once complained to An Xin at home: “In the past, we used to talk and laugh with scholars, but now I have become a brother-in-law with an illiterate old man. What is this?”.Jiang Defu “invasion” before, in addition to the antai three siblings, and antai’s wife Antai sister-in-law, of course, all the people are included in the ranks of intellectuals, “talk and laugh have hongru” is so.But Jiang Defu is “white ding”, and the family antipathy of the old rough.How could a woman who could make Old Ole a “scholar”, and who was respected by Jack and her sisters, become a citizen?The phrase “wind and water” is most appropriate when it comes to settling down.From the landlord’s big miss, reduced to the object of transformation, in front of a lot of people to accompany careful, settle sister-in-law change is also in the sense.Most of the time, it is not what you want to change, but the wheel of The Times push you to change, maybe one day become their most hated appearance, but also forced by life!Qiwen appreciation, doubt phase and analysis!Welcome to pay attention to @lanjie’s journey of the mind  we come together to discuss the story, analyze the heart!