Leshan, Sichuan: relax and comfortable consumer environment to create a new chapter

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China quality network (Li Yanqin) surrounding the construction of the world’s important tourist destination strategy, leshan city, sichuan province market regulator vigorously implement demonstration lead, standardization construction, credit construction, platform lift quality, market regulation, consumer rights protection and so on six big projects, adhere to the “consolidate quality on covering” the main line, solidly carry out safely shu xin “N + 1” demonstration project construction,The city’s consumption environment was further optimized.Up to now, the city has built 16 demonstration streets, a total of 145;Newly built 7 demonstration scenic spots, a total of 39;21 new demonstration industries, 21 in total;Newly built demonstration rural tourism spots (farmhouse) 25, 186 in total;Nine new consumer protection stations were established, totaling 1,127.Innovation and excellence work highlights.The city’s market supervision, cultural and tourism departments, business and other departments jointly built the city’s demonstration sites, platform application, public interest litigation, publicity and promotion, and other aspects of innovation, highlighting.Carried out “rest assured comfort integrity consumption – into the Sue collection” interactive activities, create a flat downtown hing town river sturgeon food court, in the province took the lead in price good faith demonstration, leshan giant Buddha scenic spot, muchuan bamboo sea scenic spot, emei mountain scenic spots, such as gourmet restaurant cuisine street area as one of the characteristics, to create “plain code marks a price ShiFan Street (store)”,To help leshan food promotion at ease consumption.Closely follow the rural revitalization, carefully build a demonstration scenic spot of Tonghe Village, Wudu Town, Ebian, to drive the development of rural tourism.Relying on the “Honesty Leshan Consumer Credit Publicity and Service Platform”, Emei Shan city has set up a smart supervision system on a pilot basis. Operators can conduct online self-check and information publicity, etc. Regulatory departments can strengthen the quality and efficiency of supervision through reminding of license expiration and inspection management. At present,It has been run in 253 pharmacies, 48 refueling stations, 110 school canteens, 34 tea production enterprises and more than 500 key food business units.Firm’s first food safety public interest litigation punishment compensation direct consumer mode, 267 consumers have received the first public interest compensation according to law, in CCTV “Today” “Civil Code” column 3 times broadcast.The tourism market environment continues to improve.Focusing on the “pain points” and “difficulties” in tourism supervision, we will carry out a campaign to improve the tourism and consumption environment, focusing on food and drugs, special equipment, and price supervision.Actively guide leshan Branch of Tourism Products to establish a comfortable consumer industry.Through the development of “Integrity Deposit Management Measures”, “Industry self-discipline Supervision and Management Measures”, “Price Supervision and Management Measures” and so on, urge members to establish and strictly implement the “goods within 30 days without any reason to return (change)” system, consumption link first question and compensation in advance payment system, actively explore the characteristics of tourism goods without any reason return system.Guided member units to strictly control product quality, clearly mark price, improve service quality and perfect after-sales service, greatly improving tourist satisfaction and shopping experience comfort.A total of 142 training seminars were held, training 10,349 market operators, conducting 236 administrative interviews, inspecting 23,704 market entities, urging them to rectify 197 problems, conducting 280 administrative interviews, and filing 213 cases.The dispute resolution mechanism has been effective.Innovation of consumer dispute resolution mechanism, the combination of “Internet +” fast rights protection and diversified mechanism rights protection, consumer disputes are “resolved in stores, in blocks, in scenic spots”.We will carry out trials for enterprises to protect their consumer rights, set up workstations at China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom to ensure that business operators are responsible for protecting their consumer rights.In 2021, the city accepted and handled 38,000 consumer consultation complaints and reports, saving 5.03 million yuan of economic losses for consumers, exposing typical cases, issuing consumption tips and warnings 171 times.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com