Bone dragon into fairy tales, kamen knight sword one thousand and one nights form loaded moving puppet stage

2022-05-19 0 By

Along with the amazing Sirens form, there is a new form of sage, kamen knight sword form of one thousand and one nights.As the third horse, the commercial positioning is actually quite awkward, SHF does not know when to go, this time let’s have a look at the puppet.Shoulder plates, feet, head rings, books, breastplate hemlines are all big stickers, and if I say so, it’s really good to see, because these stickers are pure lethal.Details are basically all by sticker reduction, can only say that reduction degree is installed so.Moonlight Thunder Thunder sword yellow Thunder, and before the same sword, directly against large stickers.Match with the sword sirens of the same period to restore the battle scene.With the far ancient dragon together or can be seen is changed color, but compared to the sword, at least is a redesign of the head.Personally, I suggest waiting for SHF, looking forward to the third horse, red Father’s perfect kingdom, Sister Blade’s righteous serval, there is no reason why the sage of the ancient dragon can not change color, it is only a matter of time.This time to share here, thank you for watching, stolen text self-respect.