What is the power of innovation?This is the “ox nose” of shandong province construction

2022-05-18 0 By

“If we grasp the innovation of economic and social development, we will grasp the bull nose of building a strong socialist modern province in the new era”…February 7, the province 2022 work mobilization conference, with a key word – “innovation” pulse our province’s economic and social development, with a key word – “innovation” to pull out of the economic and social development of the horn, with a key word – “innovation” focus on the future development of Shandong’s endogenous space.At present, Shandong is in a critical period of economic and social development, facing not only rare opportunities for development, but also many risks and challenges. The key is to put innovation in the core position of overall development and continuously enhance innovation in economic and social development.So, what kind of force is innovation?Why will innovation become the “bull nose” to promote the construction of strong provinces?Innovation is the process of creating something from nothing. For individuals, it means to dare to venture and do something, and dare to go on a road that no one has ever gone before.What’s new is seeking something new. It’s getting rid of the old, moving into a completely new area or creating something completely new.Innovation is a kind of force, is an endogenous driving force, is an important driving force of economic and social development.This endogenous drive grows inside things as if it were embedded in a person’s genes.The road gets steeper halfway up.At present, economic and social development faces the triple pressure of shrinking demand, supply shock and weakening expectations.Although shandong’s annual GDP growth rate of 8.3% in 2021 is 0.8 percentage points higher than that of the whole country, it still faces various problems and challenges in its economic and social development.This requires a spirit of overcoming mountains, meeting difficulties head-on and having the courage to innovate.We should dare to innovate, be good at innovation, creatively implement our work, and truly make innovation the primary driving force for all our work.Innovation is a kind of core strength and the core competitiveness of economic and social development.There is no future without innovation.The initiative in innovation must be firmly in our own hands.In recent years, Shandong has achieved remarkable economic and social development report card, or fundamentally grasp the initiative of innovation.We made progress in replacing old drivers of growth with new ones, achieved high-quality economic development, and got the 14th Five-Year Plan off to a good start. Innovation is the most hardcore driver of growth.Innovation is a “leading force” and the primary driving force for development.Innovation means development.With strong innovation in economic and social development, service and integration into the new development pattern will have abundant impetus and vitality, and promote ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin will have a solid foundation and support.It can be said that by grasping innovation in economic and social development, we can seize the “bull nose” of building a strong socialist modern province in the new era, and strive to go ahead and create a new situation.Innovation is a kind of “breakthrough power”, is the ability to creatively carry out work.Economic and social development faces multiple pressures, and the shift from old drivers of growth to new ones is at a critical juncture. How can we find new space for development and focus on new problems?Creative development ideas, in order to achieve a breakthrough in international and domestic competition.This kind of breakthrough force should not only have the courage to eat crab, but also have the perseverance to move mountains, but also have the wisdom to borrow arrows from a straw boat. Innovation should be made when conditions are favorable, but also when conditions are not favorable. Innovation should become a new habit and new ability.One hundred feet pole head, gather strength innovation.In the New Year, we will create a new space for development with the passion for innovation, the courage to make breakthroughs and the vision that implementation is innovation.