What do they say about senge’s super Rubik’s Cube cooker

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According to data from China Business Intelligence, the integrated stove market has been growing for the past 20 years and is expected to reach new heights again in 2022.In the process of increasing the market share of integrated stove, the competition is intensified, and the content of science and technology is aggravated. Intellectualization and systemization become the main battlefield of integrated stove market at present.This month, with the arrival of 315 quality month, Senge integrated kitchen released the new i9 super Rubik’s cube intelligent steaming and baking integrated kitchen, as soon as it came out, it won the official seal recognition, the whole network praise, reputation burst table!Nearly hundred media scramble to praise, the screen on the search engine i9 during launch, economic daily, xinhuanet, the web, China quality news, China enterprise news, consumption daily, China business, China, kwangmyong, Beijing business central level authoritative media have reported, phoenix, netease and other mainstream portal, sina finance and economics,China integrated kitchen, Pacific home and other vertical portal competitive exploration.Among them, economic Daily mentioned in “Digital Economy leads industrial transformation” : with the advantage of intelligent factory, Senge integrated stove can complete the traditional 17 processes at one time, the work efficiency of more than 30 times of manual.Through machine replacement and digital industrial reform, production automation, information, intelligent.Xinhuanet said that focusing on intelligence is the road to transformation of independent brand Senge Electrical appliances.Consumption Daily pointed out that: Senge I9 Super Rubik’s Cube integrated cooker to achieve intelligent iot of the whole house home.China quality report mentions: “wisdom” and “quality” pull together “smile curve”, the secret that homebred hutch electric moves toward the world is hidden in Senge intelligent factory.Nearly 100 media praised Senge I9 Super Rubik’s Cube intelligent steaming and baking integrated stove, and reported the convenience and comfort brought by its intelligence and humanization to life from different dimensions and different perspectives.It is worth mentioning that the article “Digital Economy Leads Industrial Transformation” of Economic Daily was promoted to the home page of learning power, with a direct reading of 5.3 million.The whole media attention process makes Senge 4.0 Smart Factory, I9 Super Rubik’s Cube integrated cooker become the screen dominant star in the integrated cooker industry in March.As we all know, CCTV is the core cultural front of China, with special authority that other media do not have.Recently, CCTV recorded the whole product processing process in Sengo 4.0 intelligent Factory, witnessed the development and upgrading of Sengo, increased product interaction experience from multiple dimensions, and the process from intelligent single product to intelligent scene, and recorded the birth of Sengo I9 from an objective and fair perspective.The authority of evaluation should belong to Gad organization.Gad is a model of credibility construction, taking science and justice as the criterion, providing the public with reference to the authoritative ranking.Gad believes that sengo I9 Super Rubik’s Cube steaming and baking integrated stove experience is very novel, suitable for users who pursue a sense of science and technology to buy.In terms of performance, i9 Super Rubik’s Cube intelligent steam and bake integrated stove with 20m³/min air volume and 5.0kW firepower has reached the first-class level on the market.The left cooker is equipped with anti-dry burning components, and the pot can automatically turn into a small fire, which is a rare configuration in the integrated cooker industry, and improves the kitchen safety factor.Sunge integrated stove steam oven has rare nano ceramic coating, equipped with double steam direct injection device and double NTC temperature sensing probe, excellent performance in temperature control, comparable to professional steam oven, can focus on the performance of the family with high quality requirements.In douyin, xiaohongshu and other platforms, cooking experts, design experts, evaluation veterans and many other people call “intelligent” “professional”!Share the super intelligent experience of Senge I9 with enthusiasm.Bo view and about to take, thick and thin hair.Senge 4.0 Intelligent factory intelligent i9 Super Rubik’s Cube intelligent steaming and baking integrated cooker has been rapidly accepted and praised by the market, both in terms of aesthetic performance and internal professional steaming, baking and frying function.The intelligent and humanized experience of I9 will bring convenient and intelligent experience to people’s life, which will be the window to the future smart kitchen, which is worth recommending!Source: Senge Integrated stove